Christy Johnston


The anointing of Proverbs 31 is falling upon the daughters of righteousness in this hour, a new generation of women rising in this present darkness. Rising in PURITY and LIGHT. These are women who do not need to speak in vile tones and manner, for their voices are weighty with royal authority. The presence they carry is the presence of the King. When they walk into a room, violence comes to a standstill and vile speech falls silent. These daughters of righteousness will utter TRUTH, breaking strongholds at the mere sound of their whisper. In one hand they will hold the keys of justice, and in the other, the sword of truth. They will unlock the oppressed from their prisons and free the children of bondage. Their eyes see beyond the stain of darkness and they will pierce the enemies plans with the sword given to them by their Father. The enemy will not be able to withstand their force for they have been anointed for such a time as this, their path is secured and their victory is sure.

The daughters of righteousness will break the chains of abortion and slavery, the very weapons that have been used against them, for they are anointed to be mighty on the earth. Secure in their own worth, knowing they are valued far above rubies for they hide themselves in Jesus, they will in turn release other women from the chains of lies and unveil them into their truth worth and destiny in HIM. This is the true army rising, but it is not one seen with the natural eye. A force has been awakened across the earth as the Holy Spirit breathes His awakening breath over His sleeping daughters and no darkness in hell can withstand them.

Your King is calling, ‘Arise, Shine, dear daughter, for your light has come.’