Christy Johnston


I heard the Holy Spirit say that He is raising up and elevating His prophetic voices of Australia and sending them out across the nations. I have been watching and listening with a fervent heart to the many pure voices within Australia that carry the authentic heart of the Father- many of which have gone relatively unseen and unheard until now. Last night I was listening to some of these voices and heard myself saying ‘their voices need to be heard.’ And immediately the Holy Spirit responded to me with a resounding, ‘YES!’ He said, ‘And that is exactly what I am about to do.’ – I feel that in this hour- He is raising and lifting up their sound to echo across many waters. I see their words being carried across many lands and many rivers with the redeeming heart of the Father. Their words are like swords- cutting down chains of bondage over individuals, cities, regions and nations alike and they are raising high the banner of the King.

These voices are ones who have been cut down, beat down, told they were not good enough or have enough experience or influence, many of these lies they have come to believe. They have been overlooked, ridiculed and scorned. They have endured the spirit of tall poppy (jealousy and pride) with humility and love. They have been broken again and again but they are emerging from the intense fires of persecution and judgment with resilience and an unrivalled passion- to see the truth and love of the Father spread like a wildfire.

I see these voices who the Father is raising in this hour are anointed with the divine spirit and courage of the light horsemen. They will charge where no other man has had the courage to charge before them. They will take down long standing principalities and demonic strongholds as they charge into regions that have long been under tyrannical rule. They have been given a unique and specific authority to decree the heart of the Father wherever they go, wherever their words fly to they will set the captives free.

Though many prophetic voices have struggled to break free in the spiritual climate here, what they have not realised is, the intense fires they have endured was actually high intensity training. They have endured much and they will now conquer much. Their time is now. They will break through the withstanding religious and political systems of nations and break ground into new territory- both in our own nation and in others.

No longer will they will be deemed ‘the Aussie battlers’ or the underdogs as Australia is often renowned for, but I see that the Father is positioning them in high places and they will carry the new name of the ‘Aussie warriors.’ I also saw the history of Australia where it’s foundations were built upon criminals and prisoners- and I heard the Holy Spirit say- I am redeeming the history. I am flipping Australia’s captivity upside down. I am re-writing their identity as a Nation through these sons and daughters who will stand up and prophecy my heart.

I see also that many of these emerging Australian prophetic voices will come from indigenous communities. God has a specific call on their lives to honour them and I see redemption imprinted upon their foreheads. I see these Australian sons and daughters banding together, as a unified army- one voice- and they are going to pierce through into unchartered territory. Their unified victories as a collective voice will affect the entire body of Christ.

Australian prophets- I charge you- IT IS YOUR TIME! It is time to shake off the dust and cast down the stones of accusations, step away from the bait of tall poppy in competition and jealousy- for it will stifle the flow and purity- there is a seat at the table for every voice and we need every voice to arise. Celebrate one another. Shake off the victim mentality- the Father has assigned you for this very hour. Speak in purity and love and you will shake nations- for you are called to NATIONS!

Arise and shine, Aussie warriors, for your light has come.

It’s time for the world to get ready! The Aussies are coming