The rising army of God’s unstoppable daughters

Christy Johnston

I see a company of daughters who have been stuck and beat down in the trenches of battle. They have been held back, pushed down and told to stay quiet. They have been overlooked, deemed unworthy and judged. They have been caught in the middle of the crossfire, seemingly trapped in the ditches and constrained by the enemy. The battle has been long and fierce, with the enemy throwing his best at them, and with every strike he has been lying to them and telling them they are worthless and weak, luring them into giving up completely. He has used the voices of those around them as a continual gunfire of doubt, fear, and lies targeted directly at their identity and worth. Many of these daughters have come to believe these lying assaults. They have endured countless blasts and strikes, all in an attempt to keep them silent and in a powerless holding place away from the battleground. These daughters have been the target of the enemy, for within them is a fierce warrior that Satan greatly fears, and his strategy has been to withhold them from the battle through his lies.


These lies have temporarily demobilized and disabled a band of daughters from moving forward for they have grown weary in the wastelands finding shelter from the blasts of deception, accusation, and shame. I hear their cries of weariness and their tears of exhaustion as they have come to fear moving forward, for they have been afraid they have nothing left to offer. Covered in shame, all has seemed hopeless and lost. They have been tempted to retreat into obscurity, yet, in the midst of the raging war all around them and even through their fear, I hear the mighty rushing wind of the Holy Spirit reinforcing the sound of His truth in and through them. I see these daughters running to the secret place, getting low on their knees before the Father as the battle continues to rage all around, and there, their minds are renewed of who they truly are. There, in the Secret Place, they find strength in Him as He whispers into their ears, ‘Get up my COURAGEOUS daughter, get up and fight.’


I see the breath of life blowing away their fears and suddenly, the war around them becomes small. These daughters begin to rise to their feet, energized with the authority of their Father; they shake off the disorientation and refocus their sights on the true battle at hand. Standing up, their eyes are filled with fire and zeal to take down and overpower the schemes of darkness that have been warring against their lives, their family, and their nations. I see Jesus clothing them in their true identity with a robe of righteousness and a crown of glory, and I see angels equipping them with armor, for their time to overcome is at hand. I see these warrior daughters emerging from the ashes of the trenches and walking out onto the battlefield clothed in their magnificent identity of Jesus, armed with heavenly weaponry to break the ground and re-establish their authority. They have been the ones in obscurity, the ones that others wrote off as insignificant, unusable and useless, but I hear the Fathers voice echoing across the battlefield, “Watch as I use my beloved daughters as MIGHTY weapons of my LOVE, I have chosen them specifically, when others have cast them aside, I have not and I will use them in unexpected and unprecedented ways. They are UNTOUCHABLE and UNSTOPPABLE!”


As they emerge onto the battlefield, the ground thunders with each step they take, I hear shrieks of terror from the enemy forces as hell panics at the sight of these daughters of Zion marching forward, casting aside their cloaks of shame and worthlessness, now robed in royalty, crowned in splendor and armed in strength. For with every step, they regain what was stolen. The enemy’s intentions were to silence these daughters, but God has used Satan’s very weapons against him. The Father is turning their season of anguish and lies into a FIERCE SOUND of His power and truth surging through them. The enemy’s attempts to silence them have only made their voices LOUDER. Their voices proclaim the name of Jesus as they lift up their battle cries and decree JUSTICE to injustice, TRUTH to lies and FREEDOM to the captives. These daughters are arising with a voice of awakening and they are calling countless others out of the trenches of darkness.

Hosts of angels march behind and around them as these daughters deflect the bombs of lies, terror, and manipulation and they walk through the battle unharmed, overpowering and disabling the enemies’ weapons of destruction. They are beauty and strength, courage and grace, both fierce and gentle. They have become a force on the earth that is untouchable and unstoppable and they are the anointing of Esther arising and sweeping across the globe right now. They are armed with the assignment of awakening, to awaken others who have been lost in the battle and to ACTIVATE the TRUTH of who they are. The ones that have been cast down, God is raising up and equipping in His truth. The ones that have been deemed unworthy, God is calling WORTHY. The ones that have felt weak and powerless, God is calling POWERFUL and STRONG. The ones that have felt broken, God is RESTORING.


Daughter, beloved one, YOU, yes YOU. You are called, chosen and assigned for this very assignment; You are the voice of truth amidst a world of lies and chaos, you are the voice of love amidst a world of hate, and you are the voice of fiery authority that will awaken those who have lost their way. Your time is now. Go into the Secret Place with your Shepherd King, there you will find the strength you need, for your time to overcome is at hand. Daughter, significant one, your time of hiding is over, and your time to emerge from the ashes is here. The lies and accusations that once clothed you are being replaced with royal robes of righteousness and you are being armed with the weapons of heaven to fight. Daughter, courageous one, it is your time to get up and fight. Use the authority that is bestowed upon you in the secret place, SPEAK the truth of His words, SHOUT out His Promises. The blood of the lamb and the word of your testimony (the truth of His Word) are your weapons. You are an overcomer. You are a warrior. You will lead the way for the ones who have lost their first love or those who have been beaten down in the battle. You are blazing a trail of awakening, waking up those who have been asleep and you will guide them back to intimacy with Jesus. You are the adoration of your Father. You are full of purpose and heavenly power. You are the army of lovers that are rising to turn a generation back to Him.

You are the unstoppable, untouchable daughters of awakening.