The Holy Spirit is RE-CALIBRATING visions and dreams right now. I saw a vision of the blueprints of dreams of God’s people, and I saw the Holy Spirit RE-DESIGNING these visions and dreams into BIGGER and BETTER than what was designed beforehand.

I saw large rolls of blueprints being handed over to the Holy Spirit in a place of surrender as His people surrendered their own plans to Him. I then watched as the Holy Spirit worked as an architect and He laid out these blueprints and plans onto enormous tables before Him. He began to move things around, working meticulously as He redesigned and breathed NEW life and FRESH vision over what was given to Him. It wasn’t that He was eliminating the blueprints in front of Him, but He was re-purposing, re-designing and re-calibrating the vision into a design beyond comprehension.

If you have been feeling a sense of uncertainty right now with your future, unsure of what God is doing and you feel things shifting into unexpected territory, let me encourage you, He is SHIFTING and RE-CALIBRATING the vision in your hands into something better than you could ever have imagined on your own. The key to this recalibration is in your SURRENDER. Surrender what you have in your hands to Him and He will work unspeakable new life and joy over your dreams as you daily align your heart to His.