Christy Johnston

I heard the Father speak to me in my sleep this morning and I woke up with His words burning in my spirit and on my heart. He said, “You are not under the microscope or going backward as it may feel, I am bringing the impurities to the surface because you are being PURIFIED and PREPARED to PROPEL FORWARD.” I have personally undergone an intense few weeks where it has felt as though every aspect of my life was under a giant microscope and for a moment it felt as though previous issues that I have dealt with in my life were resurfacing or being exposed and in some senses, I feared as though I was going backwards. When I woke up, I immediately knew that many were feeling exactly the same way and maybe this resonates with you today. Have you been asking, ‘why are these insecurities surfacing? Why are these old fears coming back? Why has this old, unhealthy, relationship suddenly resurfaced?’ I then saw a vision of gold when it is in the process of purification through fire. The heat of the fire causes impurities to separate from the gold and the impurities rise to the surface to be extracted in order for the gold to be purified and shine.

I believe that many are feeling just as I have been and asking, ‘Where is all of this coming from?’ And I want to reassure you with the Fathers words of truth over you today, “you are not going backward, you are being PURIFIED and PREPARED to PROPEL FORWARD and SHINE with My PURE GLORY.” I believe the key to this process is found in the act of surrender. When you recognize a fear/impurity arise, lay it at the feet of Jesus, surrender it to Him, rather than holding on to it, trying to figure it out on your own or even ignoring it. He is the craftsman who carefully removes every impurity, but you also must surrender it and allow it to SEPARATE from you, for it is NOT a part of you. The enemy would have you believe that this problem or issue that has resurfaced will never leave and he will even try to convince you that it is a part of you, a part of your personality, and I am here to tell you today that he is nothing more than a liar. When you gave your life to Christ, you died and rose with Him, you have the very victory that He does because the greater one lives IN you! So these old issues are not yours, they belong to the dead part of you that died with Jesus and I believe these impurities are resurfacing so that we can throw them away once and for all where they belong… at the foot of the cross, never to reappear again.

The purification in this time of preparation is vital to the propelling and success of the gift that you hold in your hands. The added weight of dross will withhold you from fulfilling the call of God on your life to its fullness, with the added weight of old issues, you won’t have the same momentum or go the distance that you need to when you are propelled. Which is why it must be surrendered to Him in this season of purification. The resistance you feel is the enemy trying to convince you that God wants to expose you and that He has you under a microscope, whereas in actual fact, God is wanting to remove the root of these fears once and for all and in doing so, He COVERS you. I am reminded of Nahum 1:9 and I believe this a declaration and powerful reminder over you in this season of purification and preparation, it says, ‘trouble will NOT arise a second time.’ Even though the roots of old fears and failures may look to be surfacing, surrender them and watch as God REMOVES and SEPARATES them once and for all. You will NEVER have to deal with that dead way of fear or thinking ever again for God has given you a PURE and a CLEAN heart (Psalm 51:10) and He has given you a steadfastness to withstand the enemies lies! Go in peace, mighty ones, this is not what it may seem, rest in His promise over your life today, you are being PURIFIED and PREPARED to PROPEL FORWARD!!!