It Is Your Time To ARISE
Christy Johnston


(Please read the following words from Jesus to you.)

“Beloved, it is your time to arise from the circumstances that have been swirling around you. It is your time to get up and shake the ground with your decrees, for the shadows that have been screaming at you are powerless ghosts. You have been silenced by the noise of lies and the fear of battles for too long. Your mind has been held captive by the distractions and I am calling you forth from powerlessness into My overcoming POWER. For today is the day of your freedom, your victory is now, the time of your breakthrough is upon you. Do not wait for tomorrow, for today is the day! It is time you break those shackles that have been restraining you. You have been waiting for someone to set you free, and I am here, I have never left you my precious one, for my Spirit is within you. Today is the day. Let us break these chains together, for I have bestowed all of My authority upon you, you have it all. Let us wreak havoc on the bondage of the enemy and set the captives free.

Beloved, it is your time to proclaim my goodness. Where the enemy has been contesting My goodness, you will be a relentless messenger of My great Love. People will look at you and see the testament of my living, breathing, alive and active power as you ooze of My love with whomever you come into contact with. People will notice, ‘there is something about that one’, they will say and it will awaken their hearts to Me. You are a conduit of heaven, so arise, beloved. Do not lie down on the battlefield one second longer. Get up, stand up and take hold of your sword. Today is the day you slay the enemy before you and take back what belongs to you. Today is the day you walk in My power and authority, for you are my son/daughter and My crown of royalty shines over you.

Beloved, it is your time to shine. The darkness will flee in terror as it watches you rise like the dawn of a new day. My mighty one. Shadows will run and hide at the sight of you breaking forth into the likeness of Me. For My Glory is radiating through you as My righteousness shines upon you. You do not need to ‘earn’ my affection but simply receive it. I am anointing you to heal the brokenhearted, proclaim liberty to the captives and open up the eyes of the blind. The rays of my Glory will reflect off you so brightly, nothing or no one will be able to withstand it. Position yourself in my love, for my love surrounds you with truth and righteousness. Where people have rejected you, settle your heart in the truth that I accept you, completely and wholly as you are. Where the battle has been waging, rest in this truth: The battle belongs to me, and I ALWAYS have the victory.

Beloved, ARISE! Lift up your eyes and see the wonder of My glory shining upon YOU and the miraculous workings of My hand on display through YOU! Today is the day!”