The Holy Spirit was speaking to me this morning, and I got one word at first, and the word was “fear.” And I said, “What do You want to do with that, Lord?” And this is the word He gave me:

“For the enemy has released a spirit of fear upon My people,” says the Lord. And the Lord says, “This is something he has sent to stop your advance. For I desire to give a great, significant advance to your life, for My kingdom is an ever-increasing kingdom. I never go less. I never go backwards. I want to do something new in your life. You’re in a season of transition. And right in that season of transition, Satan has thrown a diversionary tactic into your way called ‘fear.’” But the Lord would say, “I have not given you a spirit of fear, but of power, love, and a sound mind. So speak to your mind and say, ‘Fear not!’ Speak to your mind and say, ‘The Lord is with me!’ Speak to your mind and say, ‘The spirit of fear will not overcome me. I do not receive it. I will not despair.’”

Cindy Jacobs

Cindy’s Word from the Lord on 28th July 2015