Coming Home
Colin Stoodley
Brisbane, Australia

we are adrift on a sea; the old certainties and markers are gone; but the ark of our salvation is sound. Therefore, the Lord says, “…if it is still day let us work together. And I call you at this time to remember that the Levitical Priest (Lev13) was required by Me to ensure that no-one entered My presence in the place of worship with a scab (the sign of an not yet fully healed wound). I instructed Aaron to minister to them and help them to ready themselves for My presence and the blessing of My covenant admitting them when the wound was completely healed. I say to you, in these days, outside of My Presence, there are so many of the priesthood with the remains of old wounds that keep them there and My heart grieves for them. I require you to do something. I call you My beloved priests to go and find them and bring them home. Minister to them the balm of My love and yours; sit with them and eat with them and let the whole world see you do it! Bring them home! Don’t leave them outside; no, bring them home. They are all around you; everywhere. I will give you eyes to see them if you will hear what I am saying to the church. And as their wounds are healed; they will be the first movements of what my servant Ezekiel described when he spoke in obedience to the bones (Ezek. 37). Go now – find them and love them and bring them home…”