It is time to take a stand like never before!
Wednesday 20th January 2016
Dale Smith

As I was praying for the nation at 2am, I had a vision.

In the vision I saw a battle in the heavenlies over our nation of Australia. It’s hard to describe but in the atmosphere above our nation I could see sheets of darkness and then coming through it I could see bolts of light coming forth like lightening. It was like a storm on a very dark night with lightning bolts going back and forth across the skies right across the nation. It was noisy, with much shouting. There would be cries of pain but then shouts of joy. I was then taken above a very dark large hole, maybe like a crater. It was pitch black and dark but the darkness was moving. I then saw streaks of light come from above into the dark hole. Then as the light went into the darkness I saw chains being pulled out of the dark hole. The chains varied in length and thickness. Some had writing on. One I noticed in particular because it was a large chain. It had the word “deception” written on it.

As I continued to pray I was taken from the darkness to daylight. I could still see our nation . I then saw an aeroplane going all around our nation west to east, north to south . At the back of this plane was a huge banner which read “I am releasing the Spirit of Truth”.

God is saying “Its time to take a stand like never before” . As we press deep into prayer we will see the heavenly realm over our nation. We will see the real battle that is happening. The enemy is deceiving our nation , his aim is to take control of a nation through deception( Revelation 20:3) , but as we step up in prayer and recognise what is trying to take our nation and use our authority like lightning the light will piece the darkness and the chain of deception will be removed. God said “Release the Spirit of truth over this nation”. As the Spirit of Truth is released the nation will be set free ( John 8: 32). Release it all over this nation, The Spirit of Truth will lead and guide this nation.

God is releasing His unified strategy ( Ephesians 4:3-6 ) to hold back the darkness and take back the nation. God has a strategy to take over the darkness and strongholds of the enemy. God says “Do not be discouraged at this time but be encouraged for I am taking back my nation”.