Australia Day 2016
Advance Australia Fair
Dale Smith

Early this morning 26th January 2016 in a vision, I saw people walking across this nation of Australia holding up high a large Australian flag. They were in a marching format, in a single line. As they marched, they were singing the Australian national anthem “Advance Australia Fair”. They walked all the way across our nation, beginning from Byron Bay (NSW) and ending at Shark Bay (Western Australia). Byron Bay is the eastern most point of Australia and Shark Bay is the most western point. The Lord is saying today “Raise Australia’s banner across this land. Australia banner is my banner. It has my red cross on it and I placed the Southern Cross in the stars above this South land.” Then he said “today and every day declare across this land “Advance Australia Fair””.

As a young person I was not impressed with our nation Anthem. I thought it was more about Australians having fun (nothing wrong with having fun). In my mind a the word fair described a town fair or a school fair where there were roller coasters, Ferris wheels, bumper cars , merry go rounds, side show alley and fairy floss, where kids had loads of fun. So when I sung Advance Australia Fair I thought our anthem was all about Australians having fun. Then later in life I felt to really look at “Advance Australia Fair” and its true meaning that God wants to bring forth as we sing these words.

So let’s look at Advance Australia Fair!

The Australian National Anthem is called “Advance Australia Fair”. “Advance” is a military term for going forth to battle or to go and bring forward in position. The word “Fair” also means “clear, clean, unblemished, beautiful, untainted and just.”

Wow! So I began to see our Anthem in a new light as a powerful decree and declaration. As you and I sing Advance Australia Fair today and every day we declare Australia is the south land of the Holy Spirit and we are going forth to battle taking back this nation for Him, Jesus Christ. The body of Christ rising up in this nation and getting into position. We declare and decree over this nation that this nation is unblemished, untainted, a just nation. It is unblemished and untainted by the blood of Jesus. We pray and declare this nation is a righteous nation.

Proverbs 14:34 (a) Righteousness exalts a nation.

So this Australia day declare unashamedly “ADVANCE AUSTRALIA FAIR”