Daryl Crawford-Marshall

Throughout the last few months I have found myself revisiting an encounter that I first had in 2014 in which I was taken in the spirit to a Heavenly car dealership. I firmly believe that the reawakening of this encounter of late, directly relates to a season that we are entering into in the Body of Christ. A season where we can expect to see many new, power-fuelled ministries UNVEILED and ACTIVATED as many people are LIBERATED from any fears, beliefs and/or doctrine that has kept them from accessing the TRUE AUTHORITY and POWER they possess as SONS of GOD!!

In the vision I saw a dealership sitting back from the road on a grassy mound with a striking neon sign above the front doors that read the word SONSHIP. As I stood and observed the building from the outside, my attention was soon drawn to my right, where I became aware of a car parked right beside me. It was a perfectly formed metallic-blue sports car very similar to a Lamborghini in design and perfect in every way. I quickly became overwhelmed, as I knew that this would be the calibre of vehicles that I could expect to see in the dealership itself.

Suddenly I was walking through the dealership door and saw the Lord standing by the entrance to my right, my gaze soon went to a whole line of vehicles at the front of the shop which I knew had to be incredibly powerful sports vehicles too! Then to my dismay, I quickly became puzzled as I could not see any car that was not covered by a tight fitting car-cover, similar to those used by car collectors to preserve their collections. As I looked more intently I could also see that many of the covers were extremely dirty and covered in cobwebs, indicating that they had been like this for a very long time. My heart sank as I quickly realised that instead of preserving these cars, these covers had actually been concealing and/or hiding their greatness.

I clearly saw Angels gathered around each vehicle as if they had been waiting for these cars to be unveiled. I now understood what it was that I was seeing. These cars were a NEW WAVE of POWER-FUELLED MINISTRIES that had not yet been activated and/or released. The Angels here had been assigned to each one and were now waiting eagerly for their time of activation to come.

In a split second, my attention was drawn to one of the skylight windows way above my head where, without warning, it shot open with a bang making way for an incredible wind to enter. This wind then swirled violently around the entire dealership before targeting each vehicle, removing the cobwebs and dirt and snatching each cover away with force. What I beheld now was an incredible sight. The most powerful and eye-pleasing selection of vehicles I had ever seen. Some looked like Ferraris, others Porsches and others more like formula one cars. Each one glistened beautifully as if perfectly prepared and then had its engine started. All I could think was POWER!!

I saw keys to each car in their ignitions and a keyring attached to each one with a scripture etched onto each of the keyring tags, “John 1:12”

John 1:12, KJV – But as many as received him, to them gave he power to become the sons of God, even to them that believe on his name.

Finally, the Lord who was still standing at the front of the dealership looked at me smiled and gave me understanding of what I was seeing. The cobwebs and dirt that were removed and the covers themselves, represented witchcraft and bad doctrine and/or teaching that had been leavened into the body of Christ over many years. These doctrines had been demonically orchestrated to disempower the people of God from walking into the fullness of all they are called to as THE SONS OF GOD!

BUT NOW, GOD was liberating many from this reality in order that they might embrace the SUPERNATURAL INHERITANCE, AUTHORITY and POWER that awaits them as His Children.

Daryl Crawford-Marshall
DCM Ministries
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Daryl Crawford-Marshall is a prophetic equipper, writer and revivalist. Both he and his wife Belinda live and South Australia where they live and work as Senior Coordinators for Global Fire Australia and as equipping Pastors at Field of Dreams Church, Adelaide. Daryl is a man of encounter with a passion for teaching others to recognise the voice of God, engage with Heaven and to move in supernatural signs and wonders. Daryl has a love for the harvest, working in evangelistic crusades all over the world winning souls and releasing the miraculous. He is an active member of the Australian Prophetic Council and also releases prophetic insight into churches, prophetic schools and conferences both in Australia and the Nations.