Daryl Crawford-Marshall

In prayer today, I felt the Lord say that He was increasing the accuracy and impact of the prophetic ministry in many of the local churches in both Australia and throughout the Asia Pacific region.

So, Here is a quick insight as things increase.

As we grow in the prophetic, we should always consider that, even though we’ve received a word, not every word may be completely ready for release.

If we feel rushed or under pressure to release what we’ve received, before jumping in, we should remember that prophetic words can grow and expand and may require a little bit of incubation before they are fully formed.

This process will also often line words up to hit their intended target with maximum impact too.

In addition, when we choose to allow time for a words development, we will often hear more clearly regarding the required method and/or timing for its delivery and should be even more confident as a result too.

Remember a little WAIT could mean a lot more WEIGHT!!

Daryl Crawford-Marshall
DCM Ministries
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