Daryl Crawford-Marshall – 3rd January 2015
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As I was praying for a FRESH WORD for the coming season, I was taken into an encounter where I saw myself standing with many gold coins both around my feet and on the ground surrounding me.
I heard the Lord speak clearly and say:
“The coins represent words and promises that I have released to you in the past that have not yet been fully stewarded.”

I could suddenly see, that I was actually standing at the bottom of an enormous, empty riverbed, and that now, in addition, I also had an insatiable desire to pick up one of the coins and eat it. I picked one up, and as soon as I did, I heard a rumbling and suddenly felt the earth shake. I then watched as a long crack appeared along the whole length of where I was standing. I put the coin to my lips and then into my mouth and began to chew. As soon as it entered my mouth, it suddenly became a thick honey-like substance, beautifully sweet and sticky. I continued to chew and then before long realised that the coin had actually become a piece of honeycomb. The more I chewed, the more I started to feel filled with fresh energy and then could tell that the honeycomb was actually becoming something else. The object became harder and harder and when I felt that it had fully formed, I was able to let it slide out slowly from between my lips and fall out of my mouth into my hands. It was a GOLD KEY.

This chewing process had actually felt like I had been working with the word to form the key. I now understood that the key itself, represented a strategy for stewarding the word that would allow me to partner with it to see it unlocked.

I then heard the Lord say:
When you steward my words you will find KEYS to help you partner with me to see them come to pass. MY WORDS WILL BECOME STREAMS, AND THOSE STREAMS WILL BECOME RIVERS.”

The whole time that I had been chewing, simultaneously, I had watched as where I was standing had begun to fill up with water. This water had started to shoot up from many small springs under the ground as well as from the sky in big warm rain drops. I then instinctively placed the key into my right pocket, as if for safe keeping, as the water had quickly created a stream that now ran the entire length of riverbed. Then, as if in an instant, the trickling stream grew and began to flood the entire area until it sat perfectly close to the top of the banks on either side. The rain then stopped as if it had just been sent to fill the river and, I now, looking from a new perspective, and was able to glance across, the whole surrounding area. I then watched as I saw what appeared to be a wasteland, begin to show
The Lord then appeared beside me, He smiled and said:
“You see Daryl, My words become the WATER that brings LIFE back to dry places.”

I believe that as we move quickly and powerfully into 2015, that we will see many rivers released as we say YES to the invitation to gaze afresh upon our prophetic history with God. I also believe that many DREAMS and PROMISES are coming swiftly into view but that they will require our PARTICIPATION and STEWARDING before they manifest the LIFE that they were always intended to bring!