Daryl Crawford-Marshall

The following word and/or encounter is an updated version of a word posted prior to the annual Australian Prophetic Council meeting in September 2014. As I prayed over the last month, I felt strongly that the Lord wanted the word to be released again as a fresh alert and encouragement. This time, however, I believe that this word is not only for Australia, but for the Church worldwide.

During an encounter in July 2014, I was taken up in the spirit into what I knew to be Australian airspace. In the encounter, I was aware of an obvious disruption in the airwaves like large waves moving up and down, a motion similar to that of a rough sea or bumpy plane ride.
Immediately, I was able to see the cause of the disturbance as I found myself next to a number of large helicopters hovering in a single line formation just off the coast of the Nation. As they hovered, I saw that it was their blades and sound that were creating this disruption, forming a rippling effect in both the air and sea simultaneously. These choppers appeared to be in battle formation and it was clear from their positioning, that they were not of friendly origin.
Next, I heard the Lord clearly say;

“These are the air-wolves Daryl, they are the wolves in sheep’s clothing”;

I remembered the scripture;

“Beware of the false prophets, who come to you in sheep’s clothing… Matthew 7:15, NASB

I looked again, and saw, in an instant, sharp, metallic teeth shine through from the front of each of the aircraft. These teeth then disappeared as quickly as they had first come, and each then, again, took on the appearance of a normal helicopter. I then heard the second part of the scripture from Matthew 7, “…but inwardly are ravenous wolves.” I knew from this experience, that God was alerting me, and many others, to a spiritual dynamic that was attempting to infiltrate Australia’s airwaves. A dynamic which I now believe, in 2017 is again attempting to airwaves not only Australia, but in many other Nations too!

Following the encounter, I couldn’t get the theme song from the 1980s TV show Airwolf out of my head. This was one of my favourite programmes as a child about a military helicopter that was sent on secret missions. I heard the Lord say; “Why don’t you look it up?” I did and as I started to watch the introduction of the show and suddenly began to see what, I believe, God was wanting to reveal.

The TV show was based on a helicopter hidden from the government by an emotionally hurt pilot. The helicopter itself was loaded with advanced weaponry and was a fully tactical war machine disguised cleverly as a, non-aggressive, civilian aircraft. I couldn’t believe it! And, if that wasn’t enough, the man responsible for building Airwolf was named Archangel. I then remembered the teeth on the front of the aircraft that I had seen in the spirit. The Lord then asked me another question: “What is on their uniform Daryl?”, I was unable to see this detail on the short video clip so had to find a picture of the crew from the TV show. When I found one, I saw that the badge that they wore on the shoulder of their uniform was in fact a wolf in sheep’s clothing. I could now see clearly what God was communicating.

I knew now that these Air-wolves represented a rise of false teaching and/or doctrine which was often not in keeping with what God was currently doing within particular regions or with the local churches. I knew too that this hidden leaven was ultimately designed to isolate people through a spirit of offence. I could see, that this demonic agenda would first work to undermine the importance of local church assembly, accountability and of a Biblical standard of counsel and would then systematically attempt to pluck sheep from the fold. Next, people would be indirectly urged to find fault with their local Church, quickly catching offence as lies were subtly and intentionally leavened into their heart. Then, I saw, alternative communities with no Biblical structure or five-fold component being set up to lure people out of their local Church into a ‘new community’. These communities soon then fell apart due to the lack of Biblical structure leaving their members isolated and still carrying a spirit of offence. I saw then that many people would then have to start again on the journey to find their fit, only realising after some time that God had always ordained them to be connected, as before, to a Biblically structured local Church. These teachings, I could see, had at their root a, subtly disguised, spirit of sabotage, (See Nehemiah 4) (sometimes unbeknown to the teachers themselves) and had a singularly focused agenda, to isolate, create division and remove people from their destiny.

I now knew that what I was seeing was an invitation to the Church to operate in a new level of prophetic discernment. Discernment, that would allow us to quickly more identify anything which had been birthed from or built upon disgruntlement, offence or a critical spirit rather than the heart of God. I immediately felt, that this was not for the Church to become prophetic police but to instead encourage us in applying Biblical methods of weighing and discerning as various teaching came across the airwaves.

Awareness: Bells and Lights
I then asked the Lord about the significance of the prophetic councils, prophetic networks and local church communities in relation to what I was seeing and heard Him answer with these words, “You are my bells and lights” and saw an image of Australia with lights and bells strategically positioned all around the Nation. These were all joined together by what looked like blue (underground) telephone wires which criss-crossed throughout the Nation right to the far corners. As the vision continued, I then saw the Spirit of God putting in many more of these lines of communication. I was unable to get the phrase ‘bells and lights’ out of my heart so I undertook to look for more information regarding this interesting phrase. What I found, I believe to be integral to what God is currently doing around the Earth. In 1952 AT&T, the communications company started by Alexander Graham Bell, established the first colour coded air-raid warning system to identify and alert the public of danger or threat. This system was given the name ‘Bells & Lights’ and was part of the establishing of a national security strategy. Below is a short from the newspaper headline describing it;

‘The first advise of an impending air attack would be received at the civil defence control centre
over special communication facilities which now provide a nation-wide attack warning system
to selected key point cities’
The Shawinigan Standard, Nov 19, 1952

This method linked cities and towns by underground phone lines allowing them to be connected and to communicate quickly regarding possible threats to national security.

I could see now that God was showing me a blueprint of what local church communities, prophetic councils and prophetic networks would eventually become, working as prophetic ‘security’ hubs and/or prophetic homeland security for the airwaves of each Nation. I was suddenly filled with an insatiable hunger to see this greater level of discernment immediately exercised and applied (with wisdom) throughout the Church. I could see too that this new ability to discern was already being poured out and that as a result, we would be able to accurately recognise the spiritual origins and motivation of teaching like never before. I knew that as more of the Body began to occupy this place, thousands of prophetic pioneers would be encouraged to go higher as our long-standing fears of being led into deception were eliminated.



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