In November this year I had an encounter where I was taken in the spirit into an old disused graveyard. It didn’t take long for me to see that this place had been left unattended for quite some time with many of the headstones looking badly damaged, and many others covered over by long and untidy grass. As I looked more intently into the vision, I began to walk through the landscape with the Father, a beautiful experience that reminded me of the Biblical description in Genesis 3 of God walking in the cool of the day. I knew now, without doubt, that I had been taken into a place that I had heard a number prophetic voices speak of in times past, The Field of Dreams. I remembered specifically a couple of messages describing a detailed encounter where one prophet in particular, had been privy to watching the Father dig up many old items each of which represented old dreams being resurrected for individuals at that time.

As we continued to walk through the field, I watched as the Father stooped down whist looking over in my direction, He smiled and then suddenly thrust his hand deep down into the soil by one of the headstones. He then appeared to rummage around under the ground and then quickly drew his hand up again this time it was full of dirt and an old pair of silver spectacles. He looked over to me again smiling widely and said; “bifocals are coming back”. I knew immediately that He was not referring to the glasses themselves but to the way in which we see things. Then in a flash, I saw an image of a person’s feet which had been illuminated by a light resembling the illumination from a lamp. I then heard a scripture spoken through my entire body.
‘A lamp unto my feet and a light unto my path’, Psalm 119:105, KJV
Carefully cleaning the glasses off, the Father then wore them for the rest of the encounter. This reminded me of a person who had found a ring and put it on their little finger so as not to forget to give it to the rightful owner.
Bifocal: A lens having two parts each with a different focal length, one for distant vision and one for near vision.
– Oxford Dictionary
I then Heard Him say; “Without vision my people cast off restraint.”
I understood that the Father was releasing vision back to the body not just for those things to come in the future far sight, but also for the day to day outworking of the practical steps needed to see those things to come to pass, near sight.

Innovations, promises & the resurrection of hope
My attention was then drawn back to the field where I watched as the Father pulled up many other objects from under the soil and out from the long grass surrounding us. I suddenly knew that the depth that each item had been buried represented the length of time that it had been left unattended or forgotten. Some items were so deep under the surface, that it took the entire length of the Fathers arm to reach them to bring them to the surface while others were simply hidden in the grass. As each item was brought up to within view, I knew that each one represented buried desires and promises that had never come to pass. As I looked on, I could then also see that many of these items had actually been inventions and/or innovations that had been directly downloaded from Heaven into the hearts of many believers over the years. Some of these were so amazing I thought, that they would surely have seemed initially impossible for anyone receiving them. They included some intricate looking engines, high-tech glasses, shoes made of fascinating materials and many wonderful medical machines to name but a few. As each item was brought up, the Father gazed at each one with an intense delight, just as with the spectacles, and placed each one carefully within easy view for anyone looking to find.

Healed Hearts
I then felt, for a brief moment, the intense longing and disappointment that appeared to be connected to each item representing each promise. This feeling only lasted for a short moment as I then found myself helping the Father to clean the dirt off each one using an incredibly soft brush that had simply just appeared in my hand. This brush was so was so soft and so gentle that I wanted to cry every time I used it. I imagined the wiping away of tears every time I brushed some of the soil away and felt deeply connected to each person as I worked with the Father brushing off their promises. I could even feel the healing that would be brought to each heart as they received the promise again. I knew that this process represented past disappointments being washed away so that each and every resurrected dream would now be received with fresh hope.
I then heard the words;
“A longing fulfilled is a tree of life.” Proverbs 13:12, NIV

Then I found myself looking through the glasses themselves and as I looked, my entire body started to tingle with electricity. Now I could see, how each item had been put together like an instruction manual was being downloaded into my spirit for each thing I gazed upon. It was like a step by step plan for each promise. I then saw again the image of the person’s feet illuminated by the light from a lamp and heard the Father say, “supernatural sight”. As I studied each item with my eyes, I became overwhelmed with the knowledge that I was able to drink in and with each moment I was flooded with an incredible hope unlike anything I had ever experienced. This is the hope that will be released to the body as each receives the impartation of this fresh vision.

I believe that at this time God is releasing dreams with fresh insight into the hearts of many and asking us to believe again. He is faithful to complete the good work that He has started in all of our lives and is truly more excited than we know to see each of us receive and walk into every promise that He chose for us to have. 

Daryl Crawford-Marshall


Daryl is a revivalist, teacher and prophetic equipper who works in Australia with his wife Belinda at Jubilee Church in Sydney. He is part of the Australian Prophetic Council and also works alongside businesses to provide prophetic insight in a consulting capacity. Daryl is a man of encounter with a passion for equipping others to hear God’s voice and to move in the things of the supernatural.