Daryl Crawford-Marshall
March 2015

At the beginning of March, I had an encounter in which I found myself hovering over an expansive green landscape at the start of daybreak. Despite the lack of light in the vision, I could still see clearly that much of the land varied in its fertility. Some of the areas were green, lush and budding with life while others appeared to be less nourished with less evidence of life.

As I gazed more intently into the vision, it quickly became clear that these places all had something in common. My attention was drawn to the plant life that existed in each area and I could see that it all stretched toward the horizon where I knew the sun would soon be coming up. Every place in this vision was longing for sunrise and I then began to feel this intense longing too. I then started to hear a low and deep groaning coming from the ground beneath me and heard a scripture spoken through my spirit:

The creation waits in eager expectation for the sons of God to be revealed.
Romans 8:19, NIV

I was then aware that the Lord was right beside me and could see that He was completely charged with intense delight. His gaze was fixed intently toward the horizon too and the entire vision was quickly charged with even greater anticipation.

As this was happening, I could hear a song playing through my spirit, one that I had heard a number of times before. It was the very well-known song by the Beatles ‘Here comes the sun’ but this time, as with other times, the words had been changed to:


The Lord then smiled at me and spoke; His excitement was instantly contagious:

As He spoke I could feel the dawn submit to His voice and watched as the first ray of sunlight broke through the darkness and its’ light began to spread like water flooding the land. Then, seeing from a new elevation, I saw that what I had initially perceived to be an open plain or landscape was, in fact, an incredible world-map where every nation on earth was visible.

The Lord then looked at me smiled and asked a question:

I smiled back, and knew that he was referring to what is written in the book of Isaiah:
Who has heard such a thing? Who has seen such things?
Shall the earth be made to give birth in one day?
Isaiah 66:8, NKJV

I then continued to watch as the flooding light spread across the landscape below and then quickly transformed into a magnificent multitude of people sprinting. The light now appeared more like liquid fire and within the light I could see a full spectrum of colours and, in addition, could now hear the light audibly too. When the light-bearers came together, the sound from their light became like that of a massive TORRENT or WATERFALL of WATER or even like a LION’S ROAR. It reminded me of what must have been heard by the Apostle John in the book of Revelation when he spoke about the sound of MANY RUSHING WATERS. The multitude then began to stream faster and faster into the nations just like arrows of light shot out to reach their target. I watched as each one, in turn, then planted into different nations and remained until each particular place had been saturated by their fiery light.

I now knew that what I had seen at the start of the vision was, in fact, the spiritual condition of each nation and could see that fertility and life followed an exposure to the beautiful light. This was a vision of the spiritual restoration of the nations and the GLOBAL AWAKENING to the reality of the King and His Kingdom; Isaiah’s prophecy fulfilled.

Then in a flash I saw the title and cover of THE RISING OF THE NEW DAWN, the album released by Australian prophet, Isi de Gersigny in 2010.

I then heard the Lord then speak again and say:

Then suddenly I found myself in another place, a Heavenly auditorium where I saw the Lord standing on a platform with a curtain behind Him. I immediately knew that we were about to witness something spectacular! I looked up and saw the words, “THE BIG REVEAL”, superimposed over the top of the stage and realised that the whole place was filled with people of all ages and many angels were standing and sitting on the rafters above. Instantly I felt an insatiable hunger to know the name of what we were about to watch. The curtain on the stage opened and I immediately saw the exact same vision I had at the start of the encounter presented on an incredibly crystal clear screen on the stage. The image was again dark, as with the vision, and I could make out that creation again was waiting for the sunrise. The atmosphere inside the heavenly auditorium was absolutely electric and suddenly the light broke through as before and the scene began to unfold but this time it was accompanied by a much clearer sound. I could hear the groans of creation as before but now, in addition to this, there was singing erupting from wherever the light liberated, nourished and brought forth life. It was truly one of the most beautiful sounds and scenes that I’ve ever witnessed. I could see that each nation, when flooded with light, would burst forth with its own song and then these songs would start to harmonise with the other songs being released. This was the most exquisite sound, like that of many violins playing angelic choruses and water rushing all at the same time. I then felt and heard the people within the auditorium becoming even more excited as if they had been waiting for the best part of a show. The person sitting next to me, who I knew to be one of the Cloud of Witnesses, leaned over to me as I thought this and said, “This is the best part”. He smiled and then suddenly the entire picture on the screen broke through into the auditorium releasing light and colour and the most exquisite song I have ever heard. It was like that of a thousand songs all being sung as one, in perfect harmony. I suddenly exclaimed through my tears as loud as I could:

The entire auditorium was filled with light, sound and colour, which I could see, feel and sense throughout my whole body. All were in absolute AWE and I then found myself needing once again, desperately, to know the name of what I was watching. Suddenly, I had a simultaneous vision of what appeared to be the outside frontage of the auditorium and then, a ticket from a box office. Both had same name:

Sing a new song to the Lord! Let the whole earth sing to the Lord!
Psalm 96:1, NLT

I believe that we are in the DAWNING of a NEW DAY, that the SONS of GOD are BEING REVEALED and that their RISING will bring HEALING, TRANSFORMATION and LIBERATION to the NATIONS. I believe too that this NEW DAWN marks the tipping point for the most MAGNIFICENT END TIME MOVE the Earth will have ever seen.


Daryl Crawford-Marshall
DCM Ministries
[email protected]