Velocity and Victory
Daryl Crawford-Marshall

At the start of this month I had a vision as I was praying into the year ahead. In this vision, I saw each month of 2015 marked out along a running track like a timeline starting with January and ending in December. Along the track, each month had been perfectly separated by markers along both sides which I could see represented each day for that particular month. Then, as I looked more intently, I saw that along the whole length of the track was a pit stop or rest lane that in many places seemed to merge into the track itself. I then heard the Lord speak into the vision:
“I am releasing the wind of my Spirit for an accelerated start to 2015, this will be a year of unprecedented breakthrough for many people as I am leading them to race side by side.”

Ready to Run
Then in a flash, I saw many runners positioned beside what looked like starting blocks at the beginning of the track in the first part of January. I saw that each of them looked completely refreshed, focused and full of joy. I knew immediately that they had all been well prepared for 2015 and could sense that they had been filled with fresh vision for the race ahead.

As soon as this thought entered my heart, I heard the Lord say:
“They have been prepared to run the race with vision.”
I then saw a flash image of many people writing in journals, reading and meditating on words that had been penned in these books.
The Lord then continued:
“I am releasing vision to run before the start of the race.”
I then heard the following passage spoken through my spirit:
‘Record the vision And inscribe it on tablets, That the one who reads it may run.’
(Habakkuk 2:2, NASB)
I again heard the Father speak and say:
“It’s going to be a great year of velocity and victory!”

The Power of One!
Then as I watched, I saw a dove come and rest on each runner one after the other and leave behind what looked like a transparent thread. This thread appeared to remain on each one and link them all together. I shouted out as soon as I saw this happen. “Lord, they’re unified!!” They all got down into their individual starting blocks and no sooner as they did, a bang from a starting pistol filled the air with a frequency like that of a sonic boom.

This sound created an explosive start for the runners as they began to move forward together with a great acceleration and pace. As they ran, they moved in unison and gained speed rapidly. Then as I watched, I heard a song fill the air like that of a military cadence when an army is marching.

“My breakthrough is your breakthrough and your breakthrough is mine.”
As the song filled the air what I saw next was simply incredible, as the company came up to a set of hurdles, their formation began to change. What had initially been straight rows of runners now became a perfectly formed V formation resembling that of a migrating flock of birds. Then as the leader of the runners jumped the first hurdle, an updraft was created from behind him and each runner in turn cleared the hurdle in front of them receiving an updraft and lift from the other runners in the pack. The Lord stood beside me and was so overjoyed to see that they had all made it through. He looked over to me with tears flooding His eyes and said:
“This is the way that they were always meant to run.”

V flight formation definition – National Geographic
‘As a bird flaps, a rotating vortex of air rolls off each of its wing tips. These mean that the air immediately behind the bird gets constantly pushed downward and the air behind it and off to the sides gets pushed upwards. If another bird flies in either of these zones, it gets free lift. It can save energy.’

I was so moved as I looked into the Father’s eyes that I could feel His immense joy being imparted into my entire body and bringing incredible strength, vigour and courage into every part of my being. I felt ready to run.

He then smiled widely and said:
“You cannot run this race without my joy!”

Overwhelmed with what I had seen and felt, I then observed the runners as they continued down the track, changing into different formations as they ran and then forming the V as before as they approached a new set of hurdles.

Hurdle definition: ‘An obstacle or difficulty to be overcome’ – Oxford Dictionary
As I continued to watch, every time the company jumped, my attention was drawn to their incredible strength and the beauty of their unified movement. I knew then that those obstacles that had caught people up in the past would not trip them up in this coming time. As one hurdle was cleared, so then was the next and so on. I knew there would not be any more going round the same mountains, but instead, we were going to experience breakthrough and overcoming at an incredible rate. I saw the immense joy fill the hearts of each runner as they gained momentum and continued to accelerate, moving quickly and gracefully through the year.

Realms of Refreshing!
Finally, as I continued to watch, my attention was again drawn back to the rest lanes that I had seen previously lined along both sides of the track. This time, however, as I looked more intently, I saw that these had become like realms of countryside with green rolling hills, quiet brooks and streams and even country retreats. It was a bizarre contrast to the track and I asked the Father what He was showing me.

He said gently, “These are realms of refreshing that are always available, they will all learn how to refresh on the run!”

I believe that God is preparing us for a quick start to the year ahead. I believe that as we choose to partner with Him, we will be launched into an incredible year of unified acceleration.

I also believe, that as we run together, we can be guaranteed to see some of the most significant and extravagant breakthroughs we will have ever experienced!
Get ready to race!