The Father’s Hydro-Electric Power Station For Australia
Debbie Grant

I went for a walk along the Brisbane river in Fig Tree Pocket early this morning and felt the Holy Spirit speak to me about the church in Australia. In this section of the river it is wide and appears to be moving slowly. I asked Him what will it take for the water to flow faster? Water flows faster when it must move through hills and mountains. The bigger the difference in height the faster it flows creating rapids and waterfalls. I then saw sections of the river break off and flow over rocky terrain down into places that had not had water for decades. Dry and thirsty parts of Australia were transformed by these tributaries been diverted from the river. I believe that these are movements and streams that will follow leaders that are not stuck in conventional leadership models. Yesterday, Daniel Hagen gave a great word about Gideon’s leadership of the army in Israel and how unconventional the strategy was that he used, given by God, to choose the 300 men. I shared about the cavalry charge at Beersheba by the Australians. Again, is was not the conventional way of warfare for the Light Horseman. They were infantry soldiers not cavalry riders. But on a day in history, 100 years ago, their leader did not choose a conventional battle attack but sent them in on a cavalry charge and a great victory was achieved. I looked again at the river and thought, but Lord there is still a lot of water moving and meandering slowly between its banks. I felt Holy Spirit respond, yes there is more that I desire for the church in this land. I want to build a hydro-electric power station. But this requires many to come together to build this. Much like the Snowy River Hydro Scheme. It requires pioneers, visionaries and design engineers to architect it. I believe that this is going to be an apostolic prophetic leadership structure emerging in this land. Then it will require a great involvement by many in the construction of it. I then saw this hydro-electric power station fuelled by the river water flowing fast through it. It generated a massive number of kilowatts that lit up Australia. Lights were shining in many dark places. I also saw the electricity being taken to third world countries and they were also lit up. The light is Jesus. May His kingdom increase and His light shine in this nation and many others. I also felt Him say this is not the time to build weirs on the river to soften traversing the rapids. Movement, even if uncomfortable, is what is needed in the church in this season. Awake beautiful bride.