Harvest Time and Fishing

A couple of weeks ago the Holy Spirit spoke to me saying, “It’s harvest time”. Said twice, then that was it.

Last night I had a dream which I felt was related.

I was fishing. I had some basic equipment purchased from the store ready for the trip, colourful lure, sinker, line and a basic fishing rod. I was fishing off an inflatable pool lounge instead of a boat but there was a ‘tinny’ next to me fishing also. They appeared to be using real bait (instead of a lure), as I remember seeing the bucket of guts in the boat.

We were both fishing whilst floating on a river and it was relaxing and enjoyable. Soon the tide changed and we were dragged in the opposite direction. The pool lounge began to sink with the change in direction so I got into the ‘tinny’ that was next to me. The ‘tinny’ is taken back slightly with the change of tide but is designed to withstand this, so there was no panic associated with the potential of sinking. Also I was aware there was a motor on the ‘tinny’ if the tide became too strong and we were taken in the wrong direction for too long.

At the end of our fishing trip when the boat is being emptied we found a small fish at the back corner of the boat. It had been caught but wasn’t put in the water bucket with the other bigger fishes that were brought in that day. The small fish was still alive so we took it with us.

The next place I was shown was a gathering of people who knew each other enjoying each other’s company and an evening meal in the backyard of a house. Everyone was chatting and enjoying themselves when someone arrived and introduced a new friend they had just met. The friend were clearly a foreigner, and it was explained they had just accepted Jesus. Inherently I understood this man as the fish we had found at the back of the boat earlier that day.

The group welcomed this new man with open arms and asked many questions about him and his life and were truly authentic in accepting and being interested in this person. This foreigner was so overwhelmed that he began crying and gave a speech in front of everyone, in broken English, that he had never felt more loved in his entire life.

The party ended and I came into the house, at which point the owner of the house stated, “It’s been a busy year last year. We better start being more diligent in closing the windows and blinds a night”. This was said while they were closing and locking the windows and blinds. It was if the owner of the house was trying to keep the wind from coming in the windows. I understood this was because the wind carried confusion and deceit.

While thinking about this dream today I feel the Holy Spirit rest on a few thing:
– – Anyone can go and is encouraged to go ‘fishing’ regardless of your equipment/equipping.
– – Be accountable to, and aligned with more mature Christians so when the tide turns they are able to help you out in your areas of weakness.
– – When ‘fish are caught’, celebrate every one of them. It’s not just the ones that took the most effort, or would be considered the biggest catch of the day that require celebrating. A fish is a fish, and even the tiny one at the back of the boat should be celebrated and loved just the same. Be careful not to overlook these ones.
– – Be authentic in showing love to ‘foreigners’. If you are welcoming them as your own, it’s not just at the party you need to be attentive. Being family is more than eating dinner together.
– – Be diligent to protect your family and heart in prayer, don’t wait until the lying voices of confusion or deception are in your home. Have a pre-emptive strike in keeping the intruders out.