Today God showed me a picture of a chain. Then I saw Him pouring oil all over the chain, till it was saturated and dripping. He then pointed His finger at the chain and said in a very firm voice “it is finished”! As He did, fire came from his finger and lit the oil on the chain, till it was burning so intensely that the chain was consumed by His fire. The chain turned to molten. I heard His voice say “Today I am not just breaking the chains; I am consuming them and removing them with My Fire. They are not just broken, they are dead! They are buried! They are gone!” Then I saw a man who looked like a janitor come over with one of those dustpans with a long handle and a broom, and he was singing the words “Who the Son sets free is free indeed”. He swept up the molten metal and continued on his way.

God is releasing His Fire today! He is setting you free! He is setting those you have been praying for free, from the chains of the enemy! He is not only saying “It is Finished” He is saying “YOU ARE MINE and I LOVE YOU”!
Helen Madeline