I saw a person standing OVERWHELMED with what is in front of them. Then I saw Jesus walk up beside them. They looked at Jesus as if to say “Are you seeing what I am seeing! This is terrible! This is impossible, how am I going to ever get through this!” Jesus stood there and nodded. Then He whispered “Ah Yes…. BUT….. if you could only LOOK AT IT FROM MY PERSPECTIVE.” He placed His arm around them and lifted their face to look up. Above the problem appeared a scene of how it all looked from Jesus perspective… and it looked VERY different to theirs!

The scene showed a heavenly field and before them stood a beautiful big Mustard tree with the word FAITH written on the tree. They walked over to the tree and Jesus reached up and broke off a seed pod. He then opened up the pod and pulled out a tiny little seed. He asked the person to hold out their hand and He placed the tiny seed into the palm of their hand. He said ” Do you know what this is?” They said “Yes it’s a seed.” Jesus said “From your perspective it’s just a seed, but from MY PERSPECTIVE, I tell you this, if you have FAITH as small as a mustard seed, you can say to this mountain, ‘Move from here to there,’ and it will move. NOTHING will be IMPOSSIBLE for you.”

The person found themselves standing before their PROBLEM again. The problem still looked so BIG and IMPOSSIBLE and this little seed was so small. DOUBT started to fill their thoughts again, but the voice of the Lord whispered “HAVE FAITH in ME. Don’t look at the problem, SPEAK to it. Look at it from MY PERSPECTIVE. You have ALL you need in the palm of your hand”.

With the seed held tightly, each step forward, FAITH began to swell up inside them and they started DECLARING the word of the Lord over what they were facing “The Lord is my strength and my shield! NO weapons formed against me shall prosper! The gates of hell will NOT prevail for this battle belongs to the Lord and He HAS overcome He HAS already WON. Yes MY JESUS has already WON!”

Just then BREAKTHROUGH came and the Lord LIFTED them so they were soaring above, around and through dissolving mountains and the Lord released words over where the mountains once stood. OVERCOME, HEALED, RESTORED, STRENGTHENED, PROMOTED, BLESSED.

As they were brought through to the other side, they looked back and saw that what was impossible for them had become possible for Christ Jesus. Jesus said “Because of your FAITH I was able lift you so you could not only SEE FROM MY PERSPECTIVE but you could EXPERIENCE it…. BUT… it doesn’t end there!” They looked at the Lord and said “You have done so much, what more could there be?” The Lord smiled and said “Ah, if only you could LOOK AT IT FROM MY PERSPECTIVE! and He opened a door with the word TESTIMONY on it. They looked at Jesus and at the seed still in their hand and He said ” Have FAITH, that is all you need.”

Helen Madeline