I hear Him saying don’t let this Month of MAY be filled with MAYBE’S, with question marks ??? or with doubt, NO!

For He says “When I speak, I speak with Clarity, Power, Purpose and Authority. There is a “YES” and there is a “NO”. For in Me there is no “MAYBE” and this month I will make that clear for you.

For when you live your life in Me, I will open “YES” doors that can not be shut, that are filled with favour and blessings, hope and purpose! I will shut “NO” doors that you will not be able to open. If I shut a door, do not despair, but rejoice and celebrate that a perfect door awaits. Any maybe’s or doubt you experience, only comes from the enemy trying to lure you away from My perfect plan for your life. So stay on guard and in this Month of May, don’t choose to stand in the “MAYBE” of MY YES or NO!

Draw closer to Me and let Me guide you and protect you. Have FAITH in Me, for I am The Lord who goes ahead of you; I will be with you. I will not fail you or forsake you. Do not fear or be discouraged, I have a perfect plan”

Helen Madeline