I heard the Lord saying “I am not laying the pavement. I am POURING the PAVEMENT of your PATH.

I am not just laying paver by paver. I am not just laying piece by piece. I am not just laying one brick at a time that can be lifted, shifted and shuffled. No! I am POURING OUT THE PAVEMENT BEFORE YOUR FEET.

I am not just paving the way. I am POURING the way and it is going to come with GREAT POWER, ACCELERATION and FAVOUR.

The path I am pouring out, is set upon MY ROCK SOLID FOUNDATIONS, that I have prepared and established IN YOU and FOR YOU. It will be cover every crack and flow into every crevasse. It will be UNMOVABLE, UNSHAKEABLE and UNCHANGEABLE.”

God is calling us to PREPARE for the POURING and EMBRACE all that He has ahead.

Helen Madeline