Face of the Bride is Changing!
Isi de Gersigny

I saw the changing face of the bride, as a moving phenomenon right across the earth. I saw it in the form of a slide presentation – the kind that you would see when celebrating the end of someone’s life at a funeral. However, in this case, it was a visual celebration of a whole new season of the full life she was living. As the slides changed, the woman’s face was becoming younger and more radiant in every way, as though time passing was exhilarating for her. She wore the nations like one would wear expressions; the dignity of diverse tribes and people was imprinted on her mind…

The transformation was so exquisite to watch and rather than the sorrow of seeing a loved one’s increasing frailty at the end of life, I was witnessing increasing strength and vitality until all her faculties were operating at their highest. Her eyes were as bright and unflinching as a young warrior with no sign of fear or fatigue. There was a sound of cheering around her like she had completed the longest and most arduous race with the greatest of agility and ease.

It was as though many years were put into a few minutes throughout the graphically colorful transformations. The moods on her face were describing the seasons of her fame spreading to regions not well known and I loved her freedom of expression as she traveled through time.

Despite her having had experienced so much pain, travail, extreme exertion and ecstatic joy, she radiated with so much peace that it was calming to even look at her… Many will look on her face and wonder at her stature despite persecution and at her capacity for innocence despite the length of time that has passed.

I saw that generations would discuss the bride’s demeanor and that her development into fullness would become a topic described by authors, discussed by the media and argued by scholars. It will intrigue the world and the attention she receives will become a most contentious pain in the neck for the religious world. The changes will not be unnoticed from within the family of God, with increasing number of wedding invitations going out to thousands and thousands of people everywhere.

She was glowing with glory when the Lord said: “There is no one like her anywhere. She as innocent as the day she was born and is becoming more beautiful as the wedding day approaches. Her resilience and vulnerability overwhelm me and I am like one taken captive by her attention to my face, for she has loved who I am. My Beloved is breathtaking…she has My very breath inside of her and it is My Spirit who raises her day after day. I am lifting up her head for the King’s kisses and I am receiving all her devotion. My Son has not taken His eyes off her, but soon the eyes of the nations will be on her too. Look up and see her shining, lookout for her transforming glory and know that she carries within her, all the sound of Heaven’s welcome.”

Her face changing marks the time changes for the face of the whole earth.