The 4 Embers
Isi De Gersigny
Sydney, Australia

A couple of Sundays ago, I saw the words: “4 Embers” referring to the last 4 months of 2015: September through to December. I saw 4 months of fire, of intensity and increased passion for God. The last 5 letters of each word: ’ember’ was a vision of embers burning with an invitation for anyone to join the intensifying heat that came from all who were intentionally positioning themselves for His fire. I felt such a wild surge of encouragement for all those wanting to experience this ‘rising in heat’ – that it meant something as simple as leaning into His ever-burning Love, inside the Presence of His glorious Covenant.

‘Lean into the blue flame.’

The blue flame is actually the hottest part of the flame (burning at 1400 C) where the flame has the most oxygen and we have what’s called: ‘complete combustion.’ The liberating sense behind this was that we could determine the heat of our love without being limited by any external/circumstantial change and also – His unchanging and everlasting covenant was burning at maximum capacity so we needed only to lean into its reality in order to burn brighter.

We live in a realm where He is all consuming, but we can also position ourselves for something more – that being: to experience the effect of that love in our lives. The ‘Bunsen burner’ of our souls can go deeper into that experience, but we need not fall into the trap of going back into some kind of form in order to transform. We need only embrace the One who has taken a hold of us – and when we do that, we cannot help but get brighter. The good news was going to spread because of its “hot – off – the – press” impact on people. For those living in Australia, we are more than likely going to see consecutive & significant heat waves this season.

So believe that He wants to burn brighter in you. Step into the very centre of His heart. We are understanding more than ever that we are of Christ – “who is the radiance of God’s glory and the very representation of His being…” Hebrews 1:3. That word ‘radiance’ – the Vines describes as: “a light coming from a luminous body”…

The body of Christ is heading towards complete combustion!

So shine on, burn on and go ahead and light up the world!