2018 – 18 Karat Gold
Isi De Gersigny


Our daughter Zoe said to me: “2018:18 Karat gold”
I asked her if she had any more on this but she said I could develop this statement, so it has now become a mum and daughter prophecy – sons and fathers unite!

Genesis 2:11 Speaks of the name of the 1st headwaters in Eden called Pishon, meaning ‘increase’ – that winds its way through the entire land of Havilah, meaning to circle, but can also mean to twirl or dance. This movement of the headwaters of increase would dance its way through the entire land where there is gold!

So here goes: 18 Karat gold is a more durable, wearable gold than other karats of higher value – and in that I saw that that this next year would be marked by our daily durability without being worn out! The endurance of runners in the race of life would be marked by gold leaf on their feet for strength, endurance and precision, and the gold leaf on their crowns for the completion of their race. There was a runway of the beloved that would be paved with transparency, making their walk more visible to others from any vantage point. It was as though this transparent lifestyle was a weapon as well as a holy highway. It would cause the enemies beneath to dread their footsteps and the angels around to join in their activity more swiftly. It would also make the journey aesthetically more beautiful with the creatives coming out of the wings onto centre stage in their bold expression of the glory of God.

This year will be like no other in its display of magnificent outdoor events. I saw clouds forming above – with the witnesses watching and then the ground melting like molten time. There will be more frequent manifestations worldwide of gold particles, clouds and cascading glory in the form of light mists coming into gatherings where there is continuing worship. Even household décor will show many metallic themes. There will be also be a display of the ‘realm of the futuristic’ – those who decide to make their currency a daily investment of praise to God and those who make love for His name their reason for humility. It is in these times that the Spirit of knowledge and wisdom will dispense designs that are not only innovative, but also durable and environment friendly. I also saw in the centre of Australia that there would be new findings of gold.

A new breed of gold bearers are coming on every horizon all bearing gold shields: I heard the audible extinguishing of flaming arrows from the enemies on their shields of faith and it was as though nothing could get through and singe their minds or affect them by the dull thinking of the day. A renaissance of creative prophets wearing gold signet rings were becoming the talk of the day with extraordinary skills in all the arts – those both very young as well advanced in years. Their rings signified a new level of authority that their skills would give them in the public arena. I also saw that some of the historically famous dynasties of art families would no longer dominate the world market in the same fashion and new faces were shining. There was a golden sceptre being given to those who were bringing change not just for personal gain, but for the sake of justice for the poor and underprivileged.

Golden Gates
I saw golden gates opening: they represented new opportunities and invitations to a realm of honour and responsibility. These gates had not been burned – they were actually burning and their frames were made to endure all seasons and any kind of trial. These were the gates that framed ‘new seasons of prosperity amidst trials.’ Those who had walked through fire could walk through these gates in the same simple manner–with joy being their hallmark. I also saw the gates representing new authority in the Spirit that looked like an extension, in the form of wings. God is making room for more new expressions of His glory. Those seasoned by fire in the previous season would be seasoned by gold in this one!

So – be very happy! THIS IS THE AGE OF GOLD!

A movement of headwaters coming to refresh our thinking is flowing in a circle, coming around to us again in INCREASING measure, in order to make us dance our way out of any past restriction and into opportunities that are there for us – FULL OF GOLD!