Isi De Gersigny

Elijah – ‘a man just like us,’ at one point in his life, confronted 850 false prophets and killed off hundreds of them, after having demonstrated the power of His God in a confrontation to beat all. He was a true prophet – magnifying the One who ‘answers by fire,’ by bringing the fear of the Lord into his day. He faced the king of Israel to inform him of the impending rain that was coming to end the 3 year drought, at a time when he was a most wanted man, being nicknamed: ‘the trouble maker of Israel.’ He faced one challenge after another. Sometimes we may want to avoid what we are called to accept or are tempted to abdicate what we are called to apprehend. But Elijah demonstrated how the dependant is made brave by the dependable, even when faced with death itself! Brave is not a feeling – it’s a response to how God feels!

The Lord had told him to: ‘Go and present yourself to Ahab and I will send rain on the land.’ Elijah not only had his own challenges, but also those of people closest to him. He bends down in prayer and asks the Lord to open the eyes of his servant at the time, who was not able to see what was evident in the realm of the real. After 7 times of looking out, his servant sees a cloud the size of a man’s fist on the horizon. Elijah then faces Ahab and tells him to go on ahead because he could hear the sound of heavy rain. He had no weather app – he simply announced what he had heard and the rain followed because he ran into the future. Whenever we respond to revelation, real results will follow! After his announcement to the king, he tucks in his robe into his belt and begins to run so fast, that he outruns the chariots in which Ahab is riding. What a day in which to run…in plain sight of the enemies…a powerfully amusing combination and I suspect God was laughing all the way.

We are not just running out – we are OUT running! We are not running from intimidation – we are running into expectation. We are not running from the threats of an enemy, we are running into the promises of our best friend! We are outrunning one sound in order to face another much greater sound that speaks of a brand new future…one whose glory far outweighs any other!

I hear Him saying: You cannot run INTO unless you OUTRUN from! OUTRUN the chariots of intimidation or fear as you fix your eyes on the fearless One. OUTRUN the inner conflicts of questioning your own authenticity and hear His commendation. OUTRUN the lazy mentality of yesterday’s war cry and gird up the loins of the natural, so that the supernatural sound is chased. OUTRUN any nagging residue of unbelief or cynicism, disappointment or regret and run into the faithfulness of God. OUTRUN the thief, the liar and the murderer and run into the Giver of Life! OUTRUN discouragement – you cannot get healed of it – you have to OUTRUN it. The beauty here is simply – you are FASTER than them all. In fact, you are only pursued because you are faster! Christ in you, the speed of glory!

OUTRUN the set race and SET THE PACE for the new one!
We did not sign up for ordinary. The things God is capable of through “men just like us” will mark the extraordinary life. Faith believes it can happen TO me and THROUGH me, NOW – because of His mighty power. God does not need my faith. I need my faith. We were created to feel the wind under our feet and the waters of heaven on our faces – because we are running into HEAVY RAIN Go ahead and RUN