Three Fold Glory
Isi De Gersigny Jan 2015

About 5 years ago, I was in a meeting in Pinetown, South Africa -when I saw the same vision 3 times in a row in a matter of seconds. It has not only profoundly affected me, but also brought me into a journey of discovering the joy of cooperating with the Spirit’s power, in the wonderful grace of God. Here is the vision that I have named: Fathers, sons and Spirit: 3 Fold Glory 1st Time – I was above the earth as a sphere, watching the super speed of a seemed like a silver line of light encircling the entire circumference of the earth at tremendous speed. It was like watching lightning move around the earth. 2nd Time – I was zoomed in much closer so I could see 2 rows of people standing opposite one another, with the same silver line of light moving like a bullet, straight down the middle of the rows. I could see that the one row was a row of sons and the other, a row of fathers. I also saw that Holy Spirit was the moving lightning. 3rd Time – The same vision moved as fast as my eyes could follow, only now it felt like I was only a breath above the 2 rows of people, watching the effect of Holy Spirit moving down the middle. I watched the after effect behind the movement of the Spirit, who had both arms stretched out on either side of His body and was touching the outstretched hands of both the sons and the fathers. As He passed by so fast, His touching hands was causing the 2 rows to become entwined so that the picture transformed into what looked like a silver braid of fathers, Spirit and sons, all the way around the earth. As the Spirit moved down the middle – the lives of the people were laying down after the Spirit in order to be joined together. I remember clearly the sense of power, speed and creative beauty about the plan of God to move on the earth in such a way – a thick silver glorious braid running so fast around the circumference of the entire earth. One could not distinguish the fathers from sons, neither could you separate the Spirit from them. The scripture that had come immediately to mind was from Ecclesiastes 4:12 “A cord of three strands is not quickly broken.” It made me want to become a part of it all – made me want to lay my life down, knowing I could be a father and a son at the same time, since the vision was not dictating position in time, but posture of heart. I knew I had begun a fresh journey of understanding past mistakes, as well as a deeper understanding of wisdom’s ways in walking in sync with what the Spirit is doing or saying. It is a journey we are still on today. This vision has come back to me many, many times. At the time I received it, as so often happens with clear visions, we were tested over the loss of those we had thought to be sons in the house. It seemed that relational ties were so quickly broken, that had appeared stronger at the time. I also came into an understanding that I needed to discover who I was to people, before giving them the kind of time that I was either willing to give or that they were willing to receive. I also learned that long term relationships forged in fire are less susceptible to being broken than those built purely on similar theology. In all of this, I observed that the waves of outpourings and increases in people experiencing the Spirit’s power in corporate settings would sometimes be followed by trials from within the local church body that slowed the momentum for a season. I also began to see that any cycle that was tolerated was more than likely to be repeated. So it brings me to what I see as a new way- the way of championing each other and redeeming the time. A new way of being linked by the Spirit’s power and not by only a theological common ground. A new way of being braided and linked together by laying down our lives simultaneously and seeing the strength that is not just personal or agreeable – but full of the Spirit’s power and impetus.

The speed of revival is directly proportionate to the height of humility, multiplied by the breadth of time and those walking shoulder to shoulder, raised to the power of the Almighty Sovereign Spirit Himself. Division from a decreasing number of those still wanting personal glory can sometimes only interrupt this pace. But I am living for another day – one in which we will not be able to boast of one man’s ways for wisdom, neither shall we disregard the courageous lives of those who forged ways before us. I am living to see history repeat a new pattern of transformation – one whereby fathers are championed by the sprinting sons and where the sons are grasping the arms of the forerunning fathers in order to finish the race together… where the end and the beginning are linked by trust, true honor and freedom! This will look like what I believe may not yet have been seen fully displayed on earth. An uninterrupted view is not one without clouds – it is one where all are eager to see the King of Glory in full colour on the screen of the horizon. I believe we are that generation that can turn tides by turning towards each other, laughing all the way!