I met Jesus on a beach when I was 15 years old and have attempted to describe the journey of a Lover who apprehended me and placed me in His Father’s arms. I will never forget that day….. or that night….

‘Wide – Eyed – Wonder’

Time – the great watchman
Had paused to take his breath
That somehow came to me between
Stirring for nothing else except for knowing
Why it was that I had taken quite so long to ask
The question that spiralled my life into suspension –
Moments that cracked any sphere of predictability had
Begun an avalanche of queries all pointing to the kind of
Chaos spoken only of when one is out of one’s depth –
Far from familiar nods of comfort amidst the cynical
Or a more common denial in the face of evidence
Signalled a new search amongst a compilation
A genesis of longings and stirrings if you will…
A tousled soul awoke from lifelong dozing
And a mere breath had become a gasp!

Ancient Ways
Know how to dance
In the labyrinth of the tentative
Where the voice of kindness serenades
& I wondered how long my mind had held so
Firmly to the familiar, like legs on a well worn saddle
With the reins held white knuckle tight for fear of falling
My running mind racing neck to neck with all the reasons
For, was drink not for the thirsty or breath for the breathless?
Was there food before hunger and the soul before the song?
Was the heart not a haven for treasure in this beating chest?
Was not man made in a womb kept hidden from the living
And was not life hidden within a mystery and a man?
How had I clocked in time without clocking out
Or borrowed without returning or thanking?
And who was I to think or not, or waken?
The distant answers came with a hand
More steady than my own, inscribing
A code of clarity on an open soul
That remains fully dilated
Till this day – this fully
Son kissed day

Seemed like Forever’s lips met me in midair –
A peck of promise, leaving the early traces of spring
Joyous surprise-kiss planted whilst I, still unsuspecting
Saw my entire inner world lit full with mosaic, moving mirrors
Radiance with a class all of it’s own; a royal dawn reflecting
Glimmers of waves curling, gleaming like white stallions
For Hope moves at a million miles when summoned
And me, with one hand disbelieving, looking for
All the clues to the rising flush upon my face
Smiles reserved for morning somersaulted
Where I lay beaming in the dead of new

I forget
How long
I lay in a crowded
Head of words that made the
World of sense in all my senses
Or how deep I sank into the unthinkable-
Experiencing what I could not fully grasp
Feelings fluttering like young birds
Sea salt freedom in my lungs
Rising tide of joy

This birth of light, hope – spark and
Still walking on tiptoes, was beckoning
A stride and then a dance and then a flying-
Irresponsibly calling me to realms of impossible
No rules applied except that there be no rules like
The ones that prohibit the novice to aspire or else the
Poor to feast or the dead to rise or the blind to crease
Their fluttering eyes for burning light that pierces and
Possessive Love that moves miraculously, mercifully
Embracing the weak till they cry out like warriors
Pursuing those running till they surrender whilst
Relentlessly breathing on the sleeping lifeless
Awakening Love that makes a wild wanderer
A freer of slaves or a sweet singer of songs
A drenched Love so familiar and yet, oh
So childlike, that it woke me to play

Wide – eyed -wonder
Even with eyes shut
I know this One who
Does not sleep is my
Pillow peace and my
Laughter in the midst
Of Breath with views