Australia – An Oasis
Isi De Gersigny
Sydney, Australia

During tonight’s prayer at Jubilee, we had a most incredible time worshipping and singing over Australia. There were so many had visions and decrees over the nation and the indigenous people. At one point it seemed evident to us all that we were in heaven together, with myriads of angels singing. The presence of God was exquisite and refreshing in its purest power. The phrase I kept hearing was ‘Oasis’ and I could hear heaven-calling Australia an oasis over and over again.

Wikipedia tells us that the Great Artesian Basin here in this country, is the largest and deepest artesian basin in the whole world, stretching over 1,700,000 square kilometres, which provides the only reliable source of fresh water through much of inland Australia. It is this basin that is responsible for creating oases from the underground artesian aquifers. The word ‘oasis’ means a dwelling place. It is an area of saturation that provides not only for those who live there, but also for those who travel through. This is true not just for tourists enjoying the magnificent terrain, but for a promise of this nation being a desirable place to visit in order to encounter the living water that God has provided through His Holy Spirit.

I saw Australia as this extraordinarily refreshing place, where the entire continent had become saturated with the effects and fruits of the gospel being established through transformed lives. It was as though every system of life had been affected and had become a basin for information on how to live in abundance, even in the midst of drought and chaos. It was like the people of Australia were looking up and taking note because there was: 1. A new honesty about their true inner state of need for God; 2. A new awareness of the body of Christ being a watering place for the thirsty and 3. A new acceptance that living within the boundaries of the provision of God’s grace was transforming society one person at a time – one solution at a time.

I also saw there were pockets all over the country, where sudden heavy rainfall in the spirit was causing an “oasis rush” that would draw people to regions for seasons for the harvest. This would mean profound outbreaks of miracles and healings and the nation being confronted by the power of God at work through people. The catchment areas became places where new churches became established and fresh expression of life and creativity flourished. Another thing I saw clearly was the disproportionate number of environmentalists that would rise up in this time within the borders of our country. We would be known as a people who love the land and its people in a whole new way. The oasis of God’s heart for creation was spilling over into education trends for the future.

God’s magnificent eyes are a mirror of the desire we have to be that watering place of healing & love. How very like Him to draw crystal waters from the wells that He created Himself. It may not be evident everywhere yet – but the waterways are nevertheless flowing all the while – waiting for those who would want to partake in the upsurge of His Spirit. Drink deep O lovers – for this is a time for the deserts to give way to the ever-expanding oasis of God’s living waters – Great Southland of the Holy Spirit.