Vine, Wine and a Matter of Time
Isi De Gersigny
Sydney, Australia

This is a word I feel stirring for us all. The impression with which I received this in a vision, was both of effortless unification of Christ and the individual and Christ and His body. Whenever there is trauma on the earth, the body of Christ feels the shockwaves – and we are meant to – but more so – we are created to feel the currents of His constant assurance. It is what I love best about God: His consistency – that we are never apart from Him and neither can anything or anyone separate us from Him. Beloved – nothing is as constant as the blood that flows in our veins, the air that we breathe or the words that come from His mouth.

In a vision I saw the entire body going through an amazing transformation: it looked as though our veins were becoming vines that were becoming a network throughout the body, with the flow of His life pulsating steadily and constantly. The vine was winding its way all around and our whole being was being renewed – even while we were asleep. In John 15:5 “I am the Vine and you are the branches” – I saw Him as our entire source and we were receiving His benefits. It looked like: joy – on – tap, instant anaesthetic and courage-on-the-grape-vine. We were being as unified as this ‘sap’ flowed through branches. It was also a ‘rewiring’ of internal systems, as we experienced the rejuvenation of soul that so many have been crying out for. Even as our blood flows through our veins, so His vintage flows through all our systems, never stopping – even while we are sleeping. He will refresh us even as He is refreshed by us.

We were entering an era of the greatest display of extreme peace, joy and rest. I saw that by loving His Words, we were waking up with a word that sustained us through weariness and that same word was sufficient to sustain the one or the multitude.This snapshot cycle of resting, waking and words on tongues, was as smooth as drinking, as effortless as resting and as unified as water. Life will flow more easily as we grow in the awareness of the One are living IN – this awareness was our meditation and our meditation became our medication. As the thoughts grow heavy with intoxicating oneness, just as bunches of grapes on the end of branches weigh heavily – our internal worlds will expand so that our veins bulge with new capacity. God’s body on earth will become the vibrant display of His constant passion. This is such a picture of hope, vitality and longevity. This is the vision of the body of Christ, living within the reality of Life Himself – the Loving Vine.

He has kept the best wine till NOW, just like at the wedding of Cana. We are eternally grafted into the source of all pure joy, that will mature with time as it matures with wine – and the time is NOW. His Vine and our veins are entwined, bringing oxygen to the whole body so that the fruit of our lives will be sweet, heavy and enduring. We are in the best time of our lives and it is just a matter of time before the wine flows more freely throughout the whole body. His Vine-love is like the drawstring of Hope, gathering us all into His heart and allowing us to rest on His shoulder. This is the di-vine romance – the wedding wine is within us and we need not wait for the harvesting of grapes, for the time is NOW. Drink lovers heart emoticon

Our beloved has wine eyes for us, drenched in the longing He has always had for us. You are a delightful vineyard for Him – drink and enjoy the free flowing wine – for there has never been a day like this before.