Isi De Gersigny
Sydney, Australia
Sunday 28 June

I saw this as I was prophesying over a Dr. and saw the extraordinary release of the colour red:

The Rising of the Red Tide
Paint the town red – everywhere! Those are the 1st words I heard. I kept seeing the release of glory through symbols; I saw red and I immediately associated red with the red cross and with China. I saw the flag of Japan at the same time. I feel like God is going to move through the present legal systems in the hospitals and throughout the medical field in Australia – I saw this river moving right through and on the surface of this river was a release of an angelic army of harvesters. There were also healing angels walking on either side, but the harvesters were walking ON this river. I felt the Lord saying that He is releasing a ministry that is going to bring in the lost very very quickly through those involved in medical work and in healing evangelism. I saw people involved in the medical field being taken into the river and the Lord was changing the ‘systems’.

I felt Him saying: “It doesn’t take very many to change the course of the river” – and I feel like if that’s the field you are involved in, then it only takes for you to believe. I saw that you as Dr, are a representative of what God is doing not only in this present system, but all over Asia – there is going to be a pouring out of the glory of healing and the miraculous and a changing of the systems that will also enable medication to get into the villages and unreached places, resulting in people receiving care that couldn’t previously get care. There is going to be a new distribution system, and I saw this river spreading and the rivulets were going to all the avenues and places of need. I saw rice paddies in a row and the river is moving through this – symbolising God’s “staple” love and care coming through strategically placed people that will re-shape the medical future. I saw this as an endemic move of God.

God is saying: “I’m going to draw on the map with my red line people.” In this vision, I could see a map with a train line in red being traced all around the nation – at 1st it seemed to be like one of those old hand drawn maps and the I felt that His hand is the 1st hand and He is also giving us 1st hand knowledge in all this. He is encouraging those who are in the medical field to ‘get in the red line,’ because He is going to put you on an express train system that is going to cause you to come into your studies in a new way. There was an ability being released, to assimilate information, to put it to paper and present it in a way that will bring reform – that will cause a new alert. I saw a fresh wave of students that seemed ahead of the rest. Those who are putting papers before government, God is going to make them like red letters, that are going to be read first – like going to the top of the pile. In the next 18 months there is going to be a rapid rise of people in parliament who are coming to the attention of those who have power to bring change – and the change will be dramatic. We are also going to see change in hospital concerning regulation. I saw this happening through the opening of the double doors – one was for the entry and exit of medical progress and the other was for the coming and going of the people of God.

I felt God saying: Far be it a time of restriction, far be it for restriction! He is stretching the red tape, if you want to go in: get on that red line. God is going to release intercessory teams, and music teams to go into hospitals where there are going to be harvesting angels. There will be healing rooms within hospitals. There is going to be a catchment area and there is going to be an increase of people being aware of what He is releasing in hospitals. The presence of God is so thick and I see Him spreading His expansive wings of healing. This is just one of the ways that the knowledge of the glory of God is going to cover the earth.

So in the next 18 months, I see the rise of the red tide. The red tape is laid down for His people to follow – and He will create a movement under their feet – the rising of the great red tide.