The world that does not shake – is coming to a world near you!

We so often hear about everything being shaken so that what stands is – fair dinkum. Fair enough – we have needed to hear that – but I am certain that God is encouraging us right now to hold fast to that which is rock solid, so that we learn to dance on the unshakeable… and take off from the runway of the indomitable. After all – a ‘Tipping Titanic’ mentality never did make for smooth sailing! Neither does the expectation of earthquakes cause stillness in the souls of men. Christ’s life was earth’s greatest shock and the devil’s greatest fear! Everything needs to pass through the shockwave of His truth so that what remains is truly established. The language of God is way more confidence prone Earth is not toppling out of orbit, nor is He nervously looking at His clock, biting proverbial nails in the negative anticipation of His kids being the ragdolls of society. He speaks of sign language, light increasing, a government of peace being established, us becoming the hope of all and His Spirit to be shared with whosoever…just to name a few. So what is that Truth – or rather, WHO is He? He is the King of Glory – the One who is strong and mighty, a champion of champions. He is the one training us, raising the Mighty Warriors on nations that will see the formidable wonder of God’s Man-fire creatures, burning their way through anything Love resistant. Oh my goodness me! God is excited!! Every time I am with Him, I am encouraged to bursting point – which is why words spill over, though even words seem a slow mode of transport for joy now I guess what I am seeing is too Light to shade doubt into. To think that God would want anything less for us, than glory –is to think that we will end weaker than when we started as babes. All I read about of recent is: glory-to-glory; ever-increasing and strength to strength. His ‘Kobad’ – heavy and weighty goodness is to be as powerful in us, as to settle the restless and put the shaken at ease. Does the world not tremble enough? Do the watery edges of the world not suffer sufficiently from boundaries broken? How much more loss will teach the dead? And since when did man have to pay the price with his life, that which Christ already paid with His death? What if this real life was stronger…more concrete than flimsy, more substance than soluble? What if being more like victors and violent takers of what is ours than victims, could deny us the access to becoming pacifistic acceptors of the status quo – who mindlessly follow a world in which we clearly were created to lead. We lead by Light- Hope’s Light – lightening the load by carrying and by caring in a way that allows those lost to find themselves in a place more deeply certain than the doubt in which they drifted. We are heaven’s manna to the hungry – we are offering drink by pouring ourselves out and letting the tongues of the thirsty find relief in the taste of wedding wine. We are dispensing what has no beginning and no end and what will certainly not run out on our shift. Heaven makes sense of earth and makes the world of difference –heaven is the now, unshakable kingdom of first-born breeders of courage. Heaven is sons not merely flexing muscles, but weight bearing; not fussed about finding a safely positioned nest in which to lie, but happy to be suspended in the updrafts of changing times. Yes – we are alive for a solid purpose – to be established as His own, God-like home – squarely seated in a realm of sureness – the world of His unchanging Love. His shaking will look more like trembling in His arms for gratitude and vibrating with sheer glorious adoration for His magnitude. His Spirit in us is raising us, transforming us, glorifying and electrifying us. Let the enemies shake – yes –they are shaken to the core of unbelief! Religion trembles in the face of the radiating, newborn sons appearing on the same horizon! Stand strong and see His deliverance – and having done all to stand- stand! He is standing and cheering us on!! Read all about it! Ps – ‪#‎goodnewsisgoodnews‬