The Low and Lovely road
Isi De Gersigny

The Road is called: ‘Low and Lovely’ and I found myself walking on it again, humming the familiar tune of a one line song: “All of time stands still when I am with you Lord..” The pace is slower than usual and the sighing in my chest comes sooner – I want to know Him more – I NEED know Him better. Any sense of stagnancy is drawn up in leaves above my head as the rustling wakens a world of upturned words…

The air of expectancy is always welcoming and I am relieved to be surrounded again by the kindest Counselor whose voice leads me. Whilst I am normally quite content to be here alone, I found that this time, the hush of trees as the wind moves, was a little louder than before…and the dust beneath my feet was also moving as though more had walked here than what I could see. “The road that was low is becoming more lovely isn’t it?” Why is it that His voice is only recognised by the mirror of images answering unasked questions? His voice always makes the unseen visible and before I know it – I am seeing the feet of the many walking…lowly feet…dozens and dozens of the dusty walkers…light streaming onto their faces…leaves making patterns on their cheeks as they move…such peace on lowly dust…how lovely are the feet of these…hush…becoming the homecoming of our Longing.

The bravest warriors are walking ahead, their heads stooping for the road is narrower still, and the thickets of life that bend over in a threat to tear any thought, are kept at bay by watchful eyes. The eyes that look out, have pupils that dilate in the Nightlight of the Great Teacher…and their tears are many, their love plenty. Love warriors walk this road, and their tears can melt stones…stoney hearts melt…mountains of regret melt and the stream of peace follows the stooping followers. ‘Lower still,’ I heard a lover of God say once…and I so follow.

“My low and lovely road is becoming the route of the wise and many more are choosing this way,” I hear Him say,” between the meandering fields of freedom and the hedges of hope, is a low and lovely place where I am known by those who find me here.” I saw His head, once covered in embedded thorns, I saw His eyes, gleaming from underneath the storm of accusation and rejection….I saw His invitation of life bursting from His side where bleeding waters flowed…and I heard His voice that echoes through my inner world, roaring: “Come!”…one word and I will walk on waters with you Lord! Let Him who is thirsty COME! For it matters not that this walk is a transparent one -after all – who was it that ever found the footprints on the water?

I knew that the years of the ‘hiding treasured’ was coming to an end. The fearful were streaming out of their woods of confusion.. all those years of cave carvings…all the mountains of regretful silence was coming to an end. Champions were stooping to find each other on that Low and Lovely road and the route of freedom marked out was all lit up by the Father of lights. The leaves that moved in the wind seemed to be saying: “Exodus of the weak…Enter the courts of the discovered..” The healing of ethnos is here.

There is a glorious junction at the soul of every lover of God – where we are invited to go deeper into the road unknown and further on the footpath that appears less worn. Humility looks for friends, who know how to whisper above the shouting crowds; who listen for the song that may be heard amidst the throng, by the One Maestro – the High and Lifted Crowned King – who walks hand in hand with each one.