Did Mary understand the Word she was carrying?

When I became a believer, I had not idea at the tender age of 15, what it would mean to live for Christ. 37 years later, I am not certain I cognitively understand the wonder of Him living in me as being my life from the inside out. I used to think of the Christian life in terms of sprinting – but I have learnt that eternity is a long distance view ahead. Those who want to “do life” with me, may need to know that may involve hanging around until I am completely grey wink emoticon

I was watching our 12 year old run the 800m this week – and kept my eye closely on her as she spent 3/4 of the race, coming 2nd to last. She was coming around the field the last time, with less than 200 meters to go, when she began to overtake the other girls one by one, until she sped past the last with shocking acceleration and came a fabulous 1st. I was quite amazed. At that moment I realised that there is something so beautiful about watching this kind of race – where we can parallel it to our own lives. When we think we are lagging behind and coming seemingly last, there is a reserve energy called the Word of life, who lives to come out of every situation that looks hopeless or failing. The older we are in the race of life, the more astute we become about the mental or physical terrain of fatigue and how it need not affect the inbuilt acceleration we have in our creative DNA in Christ. We are in a long race that He will enable us to sprint in, in order to win.

Mary was not expecting Gabriel to arrive with good news. Neither did she expect what was coming before she was expecting Jesus. She did not know Him intimately, nor did she know how any of the promises were going to be fulfilled. She did not need to understand Him 1st before she received Him. She believed and yielded her body and soul to what would transform her own world and the world around her, forever and ever. What a glorious God- that He would entrust His greatest treasure to a jar so vulnerable as to have been created for vulnerability. We are made to house the King of glory, that He may be too great to hide. We don’t know how He is going to come out – just that He will! He wants to!

We may be waiting to understand before respond. We may be looking to learn how to swim, when He is walking us across waters. He is Spirit that permeates mind – He is not mind over matter. He is infusion that spills over like fountains, not holy water in a holy bowl. His glory is likened to oceans inseparable, joy unspeakable, hope that occupies our internal arena…Christ in us. We know what we experience and we experience what we believe. We carry what we are given freely and we receive Him like the gift of all gifts. The Word became flesh and dwelt among us – He did not sprint in and leave with the trophy. He came and soaked His blood on the altar of all who would come to Him. He saturated us in His Spirit and made His words come alive, one by one.

We carry the new and see it come to birth in multiple different ways as He makes everything new. How does He do it in us? One yielded moment at a time, no matter what the time. For we are all trophies of all His grace and as we continue to say ‘yes’ to His overtaking, His overshadowing, His powerful outbreaks of Hope. And we will be strengthened by every word that comes out of His singing mouth. Do I understand all of This Mystery? Ha- I spend the rest of my joyous days, knowing that there will no end to His Knowing. This is eternal Life – Our Eternal Knowing called Love.