We were created for forgiveness – both to forgive and to be forgiven.

Christ’s full payment for all debt shows us that undoubtedly. However, the state of a man’s soul is also a clear indicator that the pain of being held ransom for the immeasurable is insurmountable – and that the torment for demanding payment from man for what God Himself has already paid, is unreasonable. I am dismayed at the invoices handed out to those who hurt us, when what we freely received cost us nothing – but cost Him everything. I am by no means removing consequence, neither am I making light of injustice – but if God Himself has settled all my accounts, then no man’s invoice or incurred debt need bankrupt me, since I have an eternal deposit from which to draw – and He gets all the credit! We have set up for life. Real Life.

He calls us the joy of the whole earth, liberators to prisoners of hopelessness and pain relief to this planet. He calls us love letters being read out aloud from a Book He is still illustrating – and whilst many look to His return, He looks to the return on His eternal investment: sons with extraordinary powerful capacity to love & forgive. We get to share all that we inherited.

Love is – that He forgave us 1st.