When in Launceston Tasmania last weekend – I had an encounter with what seemed to me to be the kind of angel spoken of in Revelation 10:1-6 – a mighty angel with one foot on the sea and one foot on the land, decreeing: “There will be no more delay.”

The sense of power on those words was tangible and I returned home to complete a song which we have sung for 2 weeks now at Jubilee. Last night while we were worshipping, a part of the song is: “Wake up O sleeper, come up and see the -new dawn that is rising from the hope that’s in your hearts…” It seemed like the air was filled with more than a few angels. Very soon, the air thickened with armies of angels in rows, in a military type formation, moving through the people from the back of the room right to the front… and they kept moving. At one point, super imposed over the armies, was the arm of The Lord, combing as it were, through the people, as a brush would move through hair- except that where the bristles would be, there were personally coded key- type shapes representing revelation and wisdom. The scripture from Is 41:15 came: “I am making you into a threshing sledge, new and sharp with many teeth. You will thresh the mountains and crush them and reduce the hills to chaff.” The urgency of what I saw coming into people was life changing and full of courage . The sense I had was of The Lord training warriors who would know how to press through ‘time walls’ of opposition, reducing intimidation to nothing, with a “no more delay” mindset. Then came in a sentence- “what took a year will take a day ” – divine acceleration for those no longer running with horses… But angel armies running through them! What is coming in Joel’s army, who awaken to the glory they powerfully carry- is unprecedented acceleration for all the wide awake.

I believe that God’s enemies have to come into our airspace and jurisdiction – and they need reckon with the invisible force of faith that His people are releasing in all their praise and prayer at this time. We are a message of Hope in this hour, not shrinking back and resolutely refusing the delay of even a drop of glory that belongs to our God, from getting straight to Him! He alone is worthy – and we together are His champions! So let us lift our voices as one voice and -as we roar with the perfect sound of God Himself – as Stacey Campbell so timely reminded us last night: “The One enthroned in heaven laughs!”
Psalm 2:1-4