I saw the face of a desert, with people worshipping all over Australia – we were worshipping from a desert ground as the sun was beating down with great intensity. As the sound went up, it was as if ‘steam’ was rising as we were being lifted up into a cloud of condensation under the heat of a burning sun. The worship was lifting us into the air and into a great cloud made of drops of water. I saw the individual drops of water symbolising each person, being drawn into a great water cloud made of thousands upon thousands of droplets joining together. The cloud was becoming heavier and weightier and it was being drawn into a hand, which appeared to be the hand of God. His hand was lifted up, stretched out and drawn back with the heavy cloud of glorious people in it, almost ‘magnetically’ pulled in. As He drew His hand back, His intention was to release us back onto the earth. As He swooped His hand down, I could hear the squeals of delight as people were flung in all directions, water covering their bodies as the atmosphere into which they were flying looked like a water theme park. JOY! Even as one drop of water landed on the ground, it had an exponential effect – one drop becoming disproportionately larger as it spread out on the sand and I watched it becoming a well – and then a spring…and water sprang up from the ground. ‘Praise springs up.’ Afterwards, it seemed like the whole cycle would be repeated again and again. The scriptures ‘from the time of Noah’ came to mind- that just as waters were sent from the heavens in order to destroy the people, now the waters were people sent from the heavens to redeem. God’s promise in a rainbow was being fulfilled in a people of promise. He is releasing His waters of life as a river of revived worshippers, ready ‘at hand’ and poured out like a drink offering. Those who knew how to remain hydrated in any season would be drawn together in a move of His mighty hand and BECOME hydration. The air was thick with anticipation. The rain of His glory- the reign of His glory is coming. Heavy, heavy rains are coming.