The Lord has been showing me an image of a person standing in worship as a symbol of the church in Australia and across the globe.

The person I saw was standing in front of an open window with their hands raised and their face turn to God. There was a peace and a rest upon them as they sought after Him.

To the left was war across the globe and to the right was a bountiful harvest of fruit and vegetables, which was so large that the person would not naturally be able to consume or store all of the fruit.

This is what I believe the Lord is saying:


Like never before we should all be seeking His face, we must look through this new window, into the realms of Heaven to keep our peace in the midst of wars and rumours of wars. We must not lose sight of Him.
We must search Him out and find Him in His secret pavilion.

The Lord says this season has begun with a shaking in the second heaven, and an advancing of the holy spiritual armies. But the enemy has turned his focus to creating mayhem on the earth, so we are seeing the outworking of his evil tricks. The Lord says, this too will begin to turn into a victory for the Lord, as Governments begin to recognize that the church holds the key to peace in the nations. Prophesy to the nations!

(Fruit and Vegetables)

We are also in a season of significant abundant blessing, as shown by the harvest of fruit and vegetables. The Lord is pouring out wealth, spiritual gifts and unexpected blessings upon His children. This is a season of a double-double portion, a quadruple portion release.

Many of us will receive recompense for what the enemy has stolen, not only from us, but from our family lines going back several generations. It the season of the fulfillment of the promise that the wealth of the wicked has been stored up for the righteous. That store is open now, and as we stand expectantly with eyes upon His face, the finances of the family of God will be blessed with increase and will grow, and grow to the point where we cannot possibly find a use for all that we have.

This is when the Church of Australia becomes the lender to the nations in our region. Many churches will be able to invest into building churches in the countries in our region.

However, just as with the image of war, we are not to get distracted by the blessing. Seek His face in this season of your blessing.

(The Window)

The Window was clear, with no frame, or obstructions, no curtains and no latches. Nothing surrounds the window. This represents an ease of access to see through, without distraction or hindrance.

We are in the season of the seer anointing – even those who have struggled to get visions from God will find it effortless and crystal clear to see those realms. Heavenly visions and intense prophetic gifts are now available to those who look on the face of Daddy God.

There was a wind and a sound blowing in through the window and circling around the person / the church.

Then I heard the voice of God coming through the window saying “The wind of my Spirit is blowing to refresh my children, and to fill their hearts with a new zeal for my lost ones.

Harvesters are coming! The Lost are coming in. Evangelism is taking off.

(The Atmosphere)

In the natural, opening or closing a window changes the atmosphere of the place you are in. Just so in the spirit realm, we are to take responsibility for opening the windows for and with people, and in our churches to bring in the new atmosphere. We are to steward the atmosphere of heaven, and engage with the Holy Spirit to invite the atmosphere of heaven into our churches and homes.

In the heavenly atmosphere, the Glory will rest. His Spirit is hovering, waiting for the right atmosphere.

And finally, the Lord told me that just as a window allows you to see beyond the limit of your physical space, this heavenly window season brings a softening of the limitations of time and space, and just as Jesus was able to do miracles which contradicted the apparent absolutes of time and space, so too will many of us be moved by the Holy Spirit in supernatural ways which are beyond the limits of time and space.