Army Of God Mobilisation
James David Markert


God is training and equipping His church to be the greatest and most powerful army the world has ever seen. This army of God will be invincible, unstoppable and undefeatable. God’s army will overcome and defeat all its enemies. 2018 is the beginning of a divine restitutional move of God that will mobilise His army to be and do what the Lord has planned and destined. The church of God is on the verge of the greatest outpourings of the Lord’s love, glory and power in world history. The army of the Lord is quickly and powerfully advancing to evangelise the world and to take back the territory of the enemy from cities, nations and the 7 mountains of society. This year we will witness a mighty new dispensation of the greater glory of God that will bring great change and transformation to the church and society. “The glory of the latter house shall be greater than the former,” Haggai 2:9.

Reverence, Awe and Holiness of the Lord
The reverential fear of the Lord is being restored to the body of Christ. God is removing any familiarity and complacency with His presence and Word and is renewing the awe and wonder of who He is and what He can do. God is releasing His spirit of holiness to His church in a greater measure so that His divine love and power can flow purely and freely through His sons and daughters. The Lord is forming the body of Christ as vessels of gold…useful for the Master, prepared for every good work, 2Timothy 2:20,21.

Supernatural Increase
The Lord is releasing His church into a season of supernatural increase in every area. We will witness a greater measure of mighty miracles, signs and wonders in the market place. There will be an abundance of divine visions, dreams and revelations being downloaded from the heart and throne of God. Many believers and churches will experience higher levels of supernatural encounters and visitations of God and angels. The spiritual hunger and thirst of Christians for the things of God will intensify and will transition them into the next level and season that the Lord has prepared for them.

Bearing Much Fruit
There will be a greater effectiveness and efficiency in personal and corporate ministries. The fruit of individual believers and many local church’s labour in the gospel will multiply significantly. They will witness many more people being, saved, healed, delivered and restored. This increased fruitfulness will be birthed out of intimacy with the Lord in the secret place of His presence and through spending quality time in God’s Word. “I am the vine, you are the branches, he who abides in Me, and I in him, bears much fruit; for without Me you can do nothing’. John 15:5

Harvest Of Souls
All the seed that believers have sown in 2017 is going to fully germinate, bear much fruit and produce a great harvest in their lives in 2018. Through faithfully decreeing God’s Word and by consistent works of obedience Christians will reap an abundant harvest of souls, healing, freedom and blessings this year. We are entering the most prolific season of harvest this nation or world has ever seen. Multitudes of lost souls are ripe for harvest as Father God’s truth and love has brought them to a place of openness and surrender to the good news of the gospel.

2018 is a year of the 5 fold ministry training and equipping the saints for the work of the ministry to evangelise and disciple the nations. The Lord is releasing fresh divine strategies and keys to mobilise His army of believers for mass evangelism and to reap the great end-time harvest of souls. Put in the sickle for the harvest is ripe and plenteous, Luke 10:2. I see many different church denominations and movements coming together as one family in Christ to save souls in combined community evangelism outreaches this year.

Father God is bringing greater unity to families and the body of Christ. He is removing division, strife and competition from families and the church of God. The Lord is developing a stronger culture of family, community and honour within His church. I see the oil of unity being poured out upon this nation which will draw the many different races and cultures of people closer together in a spirit of love and peace. This increased unity among families, church denominations, and races of people will command a great blessing from God, Psalm 133:1-3.

Favour of God
Christians and churches are going to have more favour with those in positions of authority and power this year. Many doors are going to open up for believers and church leaders to impact and influence the 7 mountains of society. Invitations are going to come to many Christians to speak and minister at secular events and places. Secular businessmen and wealthy people are going to sow into Christian ministries because of God’s increased favour resting upon them. The favour of the Lord is going to release believers into a season of greater opportunities and kingdom finances. This is a year of supernatural upgrades, promotion, abundance and blessings.


God is going to reward His sons and daughters that have been faithful in seeking and serving Him while going through hard and difficult trials and tests in 2017. The Lord is going to release His abundant justice and mercy in those areas of believer’s lives that need breakthrough. What the enemy has stolen from you and your family will be restored 7 fold, Proverbs 6:31. I see many people’s relationships, health, ministries, careers and finances being fully restored this year which will help them to advance God’s kingdom more effectively.

The Suddenlies of God

This year will be known for the suddenlies of God. Believers will witness sudden manifestations of God’s goodness and demonstrations of His power. As Christians release prophetic decrees and sing high praises to the Lord, the walls of the enemy are going to come crashing down. The walls of setback, disappointment, delay, lies and fear are going to be demolished. For God will show Himself strong on behalf of His people in bringing swift turnarounds in many lives. For the Lord of the Breakthrough dwells in the praises of His people and will hasten His Word to perform it, Psalm 22:3, Jeremiah 1:12.