Prophetic Word For 2015 – James Markert
The number 15 means free, liberty, grace, honour and rest. It’s a year of acceleration, breakthrough, great birthing, healing, overflow and turnarounds. It will be the breaker anointing year that will lead to many breakthroughs personally and corporately. The winds of change shall release greater waves of God’s glory and many people shall be saved, healed, set free and restored. The Lord is preparing this generation to manifest the presence of God. Divine order is being restored to the church. We shall possess the gates of our enemies by worship, prayer and evangelism. Great moves of evangelism will spread with revival fire.

Double Portion Year
2015 is a year of double portion favor, grace, glory, blessing, provision, jubilee and inheritance. We will see double anointing, double wealth and double on all levels. There will be much supernatural abundance for God’s chosen ones to help bring fourth his kingdom. For your enemy will tremble as they look on your blessing the Lord will pour upon you. The body of Christ will happily bless others and the more they do, the more Jehovah Jireh will pour blessings upon them and their household. The Lord will cause the rain to come down for you – the former rain, and the latter rain in the first month. The threshing floors shall be full of wheat, and the vats shall overflow with new wine and oil, Joel 2:23-24.

Joel Chapter 2 – Mighty Outpouring Of The Spirit Of God
As I was waiting upon the Lord for a fresh word for this year, I kept hearing the phrase “this is that”. As I inquired of the Lord, He said, “this is the season that Joel prophesied about”. God shall pour out His Spirit mightily upon all flesh. This includes a great outpouring upon all races, all religions and all nations, even radical terrorist groups. This is a prophetic year where we will see sons and daughters prophesying, old men dreaming dreams and young men seeing visions. The Lord will show supernatural signs and wonders in the heavens and in the earth. The moon shall be turned into blood. We are actually in the season of the four blood moons now.

Awe and Wonder Of The Lord
The Lord showed me that He is restoring the reverential fear, awe and wonder of His person, presence and the holy things of God. He is restoring the inner childlikeness in us that is so captivated and enthralled by who He is and everything about Him. As God’s manifest presence of His glory increases within and around His church, many people will be left in a state of pure awe and wonder of His majesty, holiness and power.

Inner Chambers And Intimacy
Jesus is romancing His bride – the church into His inner chambers of His presence and heart. You will see the Lord as you dwell in the secret place, in the inner chamber. “Come away with Me My beloved as I am awakening love within your heart”. Jesus is calling you into His inner chamber so that He may reveal His heart and love to you. He desires to reveal His secrets and mysteries of His kingdom to you. It is the Songs of Solomon, where the Lord is singing love songs over you, wooing you into the secret place of intimacy, solitude, rest and refreshing. Zephaniah 3:17.

Holiness, Purity And Righteousness
The Lord is bringing His church into a place of greater holiness and purity. I see a deep sanctification and consecration of the body of Christ this year from things that defile and contaminate our hearts, souls and bodies so that we may glorify Jesus in every area of our lives. Believers are going through a process of growth and maturity this year. There shall be a putting off the old man and a putting on the new man, which will bring about internal and external transformation. The Lord shall redeem us from former mistakes, failures and sins. God is releasing an Esther anointing of holiness and purity upon His people. This Esther purification shall lead many to true Godly repentance, obedience and surrender which will birth great revival.

Greater Grace And Greater Glory
This is the year where God’s greater glory will release us into new levels of breakthrough and victory. There will be greater victories against our enemies as God manifests in, among, and for His church. There will be overcoming warfare by His increased grace and glory as the Kingdom of God expands and advances victoriously. The glory of God advancing at greater levels will move over our lives, homes, cities and nation bringing supernatural transformation and reformation. As God’s grace increases so does His glory. God’s greater grace shall release the power to overcome the plans, weapons and works of the enemy this year.

Jubilee Year
We are currently in the 70th Jubilee cycle since the very first Jubilee, which occurred when Joshua led the children of Israel into the promised land and liberated it from the Canaanites. In a jubilee year, all debts are to be cancelled; all land is to be returned to its original owner. Liberty is proclaimed throughout the land. When the great Day of Atonement in the Year of Jubilee came, every enslaved Jew became a free man once again and repossessed his inheritance. The Lord is releasing His people from slavery to sin, self, the flesh and the world by the holy fire of His love and by His holy Word of truth. God is releasing an anointing for supernatural debt cancellation for those who seek first His kingdom and righteousness. The Lord is going to give the body of Christ the grace and power to possess the promise land so they may receive their full inheritance.

The Lord will restore to you the years that the swarming locust have eaten, the crawling locust, the consuming locust, and the chewing locust. You shall eat in plenty and be satisfied, and praise the name of the Lord your God, who has dealt wondrously with you; and God’s people shall never be put to shame. Joel 2:25-26. The thief comes to steal, and to kill, and to destroy. Jesus has come that you may have life, and that you may have it more abundantly. John 10:10. I see God restoring back to many people a double portion of what the enemy has stolen from them. Yes, intimacy with God, family and personal relationships, finances and health shall be healed and restored double fold.

Fulfilment Of The Prophetic Promises Of God
There have been many Christians who have been believing God for a miracle, breakthrough or fulfilment of a prophetic word in their personal life over a number of years. They have been contending, warring in the Spirit and waiting for something to change or happen. The Lord would say, “now is the season for the birthing and delivery of your prophetic promise in a double portion measure”. It is the dawning of a new day and the body of Christ is breaking through into new ground and levels, shining with the light of God’s greater glory.

Spiritual Fathers Raised Up
The Lord is raising up many spiritual fathers to the younger generation. Their role is to build up the body of Christ, train and equip their spiritual sons and daughters to be leaders in their fields. They will help believers to impact and influence the seven mountains of society with the gospel of the kingdom. These spiritual fathers will know and understand the heart of Father God; they will have His heart and be His heart to a lost and broken generation. Their desire is to see Christ formed in God’s people.

Unusual And Supernatural Signs And Wonders
We are going to witness mighty and unusual demonstrations and manifestations of the Holy Spirit this year. There is going to be amazing and powerful revelation from the word of God which will result in incredible signs and wonders that will have world wide influence. These supernatural wonders will reveal that the gospel of the kingdom is coming into great fruitfulness and fullness. The Lord is preparing the Church for a worldwide reformation just like in the book of Acts. Mature sons of God are coming forth and are being revealed in the nations of the earth.

New Generation Of Kingdom Demonstrators And Harvesters
In 2015, the Lord is raising up a new breed of mighty champions and powerful warriors. This is a new generation of kingdom demonstrators and harvesters who will demonstrate the gospel with extraordinary miracles, signs and wonders. This company of believers will be leaders of the great end-time harvest of millions of youth around the world. They will walk in great love, grace, holiness and power and will fully possess the promise land.

Magnification And Amplification
The Lord will magnify and amplify all areas that you bring to Him this year. As you bring Him your praise and worship He will amplify it. When you bring Him your tithes and offerings He will magnify it. For God is going to supernaturally accelerate what we sow to Him, which will lead to significant breakthroughs in our lives. Yes, the sower shall overtake the reaper, Amos 9:13.

The Justice Of God
This is a year of receiving and demonstrating the justice of God Almighty. The holy bible says that God is our defence and vengeance belongs to the Lord. He who sits in the heavens shall laugh; the Lord shall hold our enemies in derision, Psalm 2:4. Where there has been injustice sown in peoples’ lives God shall use believers to release His justice to restore the lives of others from the evil works of the enemy.