Isaiah 35 – Prophetic Word For 2016
1st January 2016
James Markert

The Lord is bringing many believers out of the wilderness and dry and barren places within and around them. I see many entering into the fulfilment of the prophetic promises spoken over their lives. Believers shall bear much fruit and prosper abundantly. They will rejoice with joy and singing for the threshing floors shall be full of wheat, and the vats shall overflow with new wine and oil. Joel 2:23,24

Christians will see and encounter the glory of God and be filled and clothed with His glory. The realms of God’s glory are opening up wider for God’s sons and daughters to receive greater breakthrough, revelation and intimacy with the Lord.

The Lord will supernaturally strengthen His people’s hearts, souls and bodies for the abundant work of His kingdom. As you wait upon the Lord, you shall renew your strength; you shall mount up with wings like eagles, you shall run and not be weary, you shall walk and not faint. Isaiah 40:31

Fear in people’s lives will be replaced with a Godly boldness and courage. For the Lord shall declare judgment upon your enemies. God will come with a double recompense and save, heal and deliver His people out of their troubles and afflictions.

God shall open the eyes of the spiritually blind and open the ears of the spiritually deaf, so that they may understand with their heart – the gospel of Jesus Christ and be healed and saved.
There will be a greater wave of miracles, signs and wonders released in this nation as a sign of God’s love, goodness and favour. The Lord is removing the restrictions and limitations that the enemy has placed upon believers so that they are fully free to know and serve Him in greater ways. New prophetic actions, sounds and dancing in worship will be released to bring greater breakthrough and victory both individually and corporately.

There shall be a great refreshing break forth in the lives of Christians who have come out of wilderness wanderings and dry and barren places. God shall satisfy their spiritual hunger and fill their spiritual thirst. Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness for they shall be filled. Matthew 5:6

The Lord is establishing a spiritual highway of holiness within the hearts of believers, which will cause them to live in a holy way. No evil or uncleanness will be able to use or influence this holy highway. The enemy and his works will not be found in this holy place of believer’s hearts.

God is releasing a double portion of joy in Christians lives. This supernatural joy of the Lord will release significant healing within peoples’ hearts, minds, emotions, and physical bodies. Many unbelievers will be attracted to the great joy of the Lord in believer’s lives. For the Lord shall turn peoples sorrow into joy and their mourning into dancing.