New Wine, Fresh Wind and Revival Rain
I saw a vision of God popping the cork of a bottle of new wine and pouring it out upon this dry and thirsty land. It’s time for this nation to be celebrated and promoted by the goodness and favour of God. The Lord is releasing His spirit of refreshing, renewal and revival. God is breathing afresh upon this country with the wind of His Spirit. It is the time for revival rain to fall in abundance. The Lord is pouring out the former and the latter rain of His Spirit upon Australia, which will release great provision and restoration (Joel 2:18-27).

Fixing Our Eyes, Ears, Mind and Heart On The Lord
As we fix our eyes on Jesus He will become the answer to all our needs. When we incline our ear to the Lord He will guide us into all truth and great victories and provision. By keeping our mind stayed on God He will keep us in perfect peace no matter what is going on within or around us. In setting our heart on the Lord we will think like He thinks and desire what He desires.

Opening Of The Doors Of Our Heart, Homes, Church and Workplace to God
The church will open the doors of its life and heart to the Father in a greater way. This will release supernatural provision, breakthrough and victory. There will be an overflow filling of the Spirit of God. Our cup shall run over with the goodness and mercy of the Father. The hand of God is moving upon the tent door of our hearts. The Lord is advancing upon and within His own people. God is restoring many areas of people’s lives. He is bringing people up and out of their troubles and adversity.

Greater Breakthroughs By Thanksgiving, Praise And Worship
Thanksgiving opens the gates of our spiritual senses. Praise activates our spiritual senses and worship empowers our spiritual senses. You become like what you behold and you become like what you worship. Those who look to the Lord and exalt Him shall become radiant and shine with the light of His glory (Psalm 34:5). As we thank, praise and worship the Lord with hungry and thirsty hearts in this new season, it will release the breath and glory of God to bring great breakthroughs and victories in this country and the nations of the world.

Apostolic forerunners will lead the body of Christ into the fullness of it’s identity, calling, blessings, inheritance and destiny. God is raising up saints with the John the Baptist and Elijah anointings to prepare the way of the Lord and to turn the hearts of the fathers to the children and the hearts of the children to the fathers. They will live and walk in the spirit and power of Elijah in order to restore families, cities and nations.

Marketplace Ministry
God is expanding us on the inside so that we can contain the new He wants to do in and through us. Also, the Lord is enlarging us externally in relation to our sphere of influence and favor. The body of Christ is going to have a greater voice, impact and influence in the 7 mountains of society. God is strategically placing believers in the marketplace to demonstrate, display and release His kingdom culture of ‘as it is in heaven’. The Lord is going to use many believers to change the spiritual atmosphere and climate within the marketplace of this country.

Christians In Leadership Positions In The Secular World
I recently had a dream where I saw the Lord raising up, exalting and promoting Christians into leadership positions in the marketplace and 7 mountains of the world (1Peter 5:6). This includes the area of Arts/Entertainment, Business, Education, Family, Government, Media and Religion. We shall see the body of Christ retaking the 7 domains of society and reclaiming the influence, impact and favor that has been lost in the past.

Creative Miracles
It’s the year of unusual and special creative miracles. There will be a greater increase and ease with all the gifts of the Spirit. The Lord will confirm His Word with significant signs and wonders following which will bring many souls into His kingdom.

Prophetic Intercession Prayer Networks
Interdenominational regional prayer movements will be established and strengthened to prophetically release God’s purposes, will, plans and destiny for this nation. I saw in a dream the Christian prayer networks in Canberra, Sunshine Coast and Toowoomba in particular, being powerfully used by God through prophetic intercession to bring great breakthrough, change and transformation to this nation. “Behold, how good and how pleasant it is for brethren to dwell together in unity! …For there the Lord commanded the blessing…” Psalm 133:1,3. The Lord is anointing the body of Christ with the fragrance of Jesus’ prayer life. Believers will pray with the same heart, mind and passion as Jesus did when He lived on the earth. God will place within our spirit the prayer issues that are on His heart. Also, there will be a greater acceleration in receiving answers to prayers. “I will answer them before they even call to Me. While they are still talking about their needs, I will go ahead and answer their prayers!” Isaiah 65:24 NLT

Restoration of Hope
The Lord is restoring hope to the body of Christ. It’s time to hope again in God’s goodness and promises. For we shall see a fulfillment of God’s promises in this new season. Hope in the Lord causes things to change in our favor. Faith works by hope and love. Now may the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace in believing, that you may overflow in hope by the power of he Holy Spirit, Romans 15:13.

Increase of Visions and Dreams
We shall see things in a new light. Choose to see things in an optimistic way. This year will bring enlightenment to the eyes of the church in a new area. If you can see what the Lord has for you in the spirit you can have it. The Lord is magnifying and clarifying our spiritual vision to see what He sees. We shall see tomorrow today and the coming moves of God across this nation and the world.

Its time to dream the dreams of God. The Lord is releasing detailed, high definition and technicolor dreams to the body of Christ. This will propel the church into its heavenly calling and destiny in God. Believers will accomplish kingdom assignments and receive answers to prayers in their dreams. These God given dreams will unlock supernatural and prophetic encounters to many Christians (Gen 28:12-16).
Focus, Priorities and Diligence.

As we focus on what God is doing it will overwhelm and consume the plans of the enemy. By putting God first in our lives it will open the windows of blessings over our lives. In diligently seeking God we will be rewarded with both natural and spiritual riches to build His kingdom and to know him more than ever before.

Year of Reorientation, Change, Transformation and Double Portion
It’s a time for realignment with the prophetic word of the Lord in order to strategically move forward. God is repositioning and transitioning Christians for a supernatural increase of favor and anointing in every area of their lives. In this new Jewish year, the Lord is granting us a double portion of favor and grace to rise above any limitations.

Kingdom Of God Advancing Triumphantly
The Lord is advancing into the 7 mountains of the world through His church with a mighty indwelling of His Spirit and presence. God is moving and arising powerfully within believers to help turn situations around personally, corporately, nationally and internationally.

It’s time to stand in our authority and power in Christ and not turn back in our battle but to advance and take the land. Great grace will be upon the church causing it to proclaim ‘the Christ in us is power to overcome’.

The church will know God more intimately through the spirit of wisdom and revelation. The eyes of our heart will be enlightened to know the hope of our calling. Blessings will flow as relationships within the body of Christ are healed and restored. God is calling us to believe again despite past disappointments so that His great power can be released in and through us to advance His kingdom. God’s power shall revive us to move forward and victoriously fill the earth with His glory. The church is arising as the true great light and salt in all the earth. Also, the Lord is opening up heaven and pouring out His love and goodness in a greater measure in this country and the nations of the world which will lead many to repentance.