Prophecy delivered at the Australian Prophetic Summit
on 5/11/15 by Jenny Hagger

In a recent dramatic encounter I found myself standing in front of a huge wall. As I watched the wall began to crack and buckle and I realized it was going to crash down. The Holy Spirit warned me “Stand back” so I took a step backwards. Rocks and bricks began to fly and three times the Holy Spirit warned “Stand back”, and each time I stepped further away.

Dust and debris began to rise as the wall came down. I was shaken at the force by which the wall was being demolished and I asked the Lord, “What is this?”

He replied, “This is the wall of Ezekiel 13. I am no longer repairing it. I am bringing it down.”

I then heard the roar of the Lion of Judah. This was his ‘Coming ready or not’ roar which I have heard at other times. Roar! Roar! Roar! And I knew that he was coming to separate the true prophets from the false who were feeding people with deception. He was demolishing the whitewashed wall.

I saw him begin to fill his true prophets with his roar, releasing them to courageously rise up and not be intimidated as they went forth carrying his word. With joy I saw this army of prophets arise, strengthened and emboldened by the Lion.

Jenny Hagger is the founder and director of the Australian House of Prayer For All Nations and its mercy ministry Mission World Aid.
She is the senior pastor of Zion Hill Christian Community in Adelaide, and is a member of the Australian Prophetic Council.
She is the South Pacific Co-ordinator for Transform World’s Celebration Challenge (raising up houses of prayer).