I was just spending some time in prayer regarding the ebola virus and this is what I heard from the Spirit of the Lord.
“The ebola virus is not from Me. I have not sent it to judge anyone or to teach any people a lesson. I am the Healer and the Lifegiver. It is the enemy that comes to steal, kill and destroy and you will now stop him. Ebola will bend and bow and you will insist on that until it is so. I have put my word in your mouth and you will command ebola to bend and bow. I am arising as the Sun of Righteousness with healing in my wings. I will now arise and shine in and through my sons and daughters and they will put out the fire of ebola. There is a great harvest now initiating and the enemy is attempting to kill the harvest. He will not succeed. I will be greater than ebola- and my sons and daughters in many and various fashions will stomp out the fire of ebola. I have even now raised up a David in Liberia that I have given authority over the plague (as I was hearing this I saw a very tall man with colorful clothing). He shall stand up and have power to stem the plague and I will release a fire through his hands that will put out the fire of ebola. This one will then begin to release this anointing to his whole church and then it shall begin to go viral as a Holy Spirit operation of power and authority that will kill that murdersome virus. I will even raise up in Liberia and Sierra Leone a new standard of divine healing that will also have authority over the other demonic diseases of Africa. Malaria will bow as will many other killer viruses. Here in America do not fear. I have allowed you to get a taste of what ebola is so that you arise and shine even on behalf of your brothers and sisters in West Africa. Do not yield yourself to the speculative anxiety and fear being released by the media. Let me be your media and arise and shine with me. Ebola has not become Lord, I am the Lord. So you shall agree with me and speak into the subatomic particle level of the ebola virus and say “Bend and bow in the name of Jesus!” Say it out loud. Say it on your social networks. Say it as you speak with one another. Release the sword of your mouth into the teeth of the enemy and shatter his advance. Today I call and empower you to arise with Me and together we will shatter this dark thing called ebola.”