OK people let’s cut out the ridiculousness. These are not the worst of days, these are the best of days. Best of days does not mean there are no problems, only that the kingdom of God is forcefully advancing all over the world, and doing so at an unprecedented pace.

This year 100 million people will come to Jesus. 1 in every 3 on the planet already say they are believers in Jesus Christ and that is the highest ratio ever. Muslims all over the world are encountering Jesus and over 25,000 a day are coming to Christ. Quit worrying about them coming and forcing Sharia law on us. They are about to seriously upgrade the world caliber of believers that exist today.They are product of an upgraded spiritual birthing as it from encounters with God they are having, rather than the logical mind of reason- as in many western conversions. “Logical” conversions tend to breed the powerless, spectator yet “principled”(legalist) Christianity, that marks western-styled Christianity. Passionate, sold-out, risk-taking, supernatural-expectant Christianity is the new brand on the loose and it is soon coming to an outlet near you.

There are now over 700 million people filled with the Holy Spirit. (160 million of those are Catholic Charismatics, where there is a wild fire of the Holy Spirit that no religious fire-fighter can put out). That means 1 in every 10 on the planet are Holy Spirit-filled. Never, ever has there been such a high ratio and it is dramatically increasing every day. China is on fire and at least 30,000 are coming to Christ every day. By 2030 there will be at least 300 million Chinese believers and long before then they will have taken over as the nation with the most believers in the planet. There are now 200 million, millionaires in China (yes, you read that right) and many of them are believers including many in high government. India will pass 100 million believers by 2020 and it may be 150 million by then.

You want more proof? Over 80 abortion clinics closed in the United States last year and two/thirds of all abortion clinics have closed since 1990. Abortions are down 40% since 1990- in the United States. Divorces are down 20% since 1990. Teenage pregnancies are down to their lowest since 1940 when they started surveying it.

Still not convinced? The world extreme poverty level has gone down from 50% in 1980 to 20% now. This is the lowest it has EVER been perhaps since the Garden of Eden. By 2030 this is projected to being below 5%. I could go on and on, but despite what you have heard these are not even close to the darkest days ever and are in fact the opposite of that.

Want to know the most concerning matter to report on in the entire world?
It is not the world economy, it is not ISIS, it is not President Obama nor is he any small percentage of the “antichrist”, it is not immigrants that might have terrorists mixed in, it is not even Iran. All of these have heavenly caps on what they can do which are being enforced by the massive deployment of angels presently on the planet.

The biggest negative on the planet is the fearful, anxiety-infused and doom-expectant American believer. Unfortunately we have exported that fear to believers of other nations as well, as they suppose we are on to something they can’t see. They are wrong- and if you are from another nation please don’t sacrifice your joy or expectation by listening to prophets and magazines of doom from this nation. They are all wrong and they have all been wrong for many years- with some of the most famous being wrong for decades. Go ahead and check their records. If you don’t stay at 1-star Hotels then don’t take your prophetic cues from 0-star “prophets”. Yes, I said that. If a prophetic word does not instill in you courage and hope- then vomit it immediately. It is literally toxic to your spirit. Prophecy is to “strengthen, encourage and comfort”, (1 Cor. 14:3) and that is how New Testament prophecy functions. Calling down fire from heaven died in the Old Testament.

The righteous are bold as lions and charge when all else flee. This boldness is also a joyous boldness as the kingdom of God advances- not in “concern”- but in JOY in the Holy Spirit. Beloved Saints it is time to arise with crazy, carefree, courageous faith, hope and love- and the sooner we get on with this the sooner the fear gets exterminated. To assist this our Lion King is about to roar into the face of His church and it is going to activate the superhero “sleeper cells” in each of us. Get ready to rumble with Papa’s Roar -and the sin He is going after, is fear, doubt and unbelief.