Floods; Is. 55:5 Focus; Four 7-Year periods; 4 Winds of W that will Double You

I have recently been having an unprecedented number of dreams of rain and floods. In each dream there has been a different point of emphasis but in all dreams there was no doubt about the dramatic change of life as we know it, that these floods would bring. These dreams have all been followed by actual rains and flooding here in the previously parched state of California.The dreams have not been fearful dreams but rather have kept my spirit in an anticipatory mode as to the new year we are entering into.


Then on December 10, I awakened at 5:55 AM and received a download of understanding from the Lord as to many things including the last 21 years -as they were broken up into 7 year segments. These 7 year periods are 1994-2001, 2001-2008, and 2008-2015. I then received some understanding as to the coming 7 year period of 2015-2022.

For a point of reference, it was December 10, of 2008 that I woke up at 3:43 AM and was given the essential download for my 7 Mountain Mantle: Receiving the Joseph Anointing for Reforming Nations book that spoke into what I was able to see until 2015. At the time I was directed to look at Psalm 34:3,4 as theme verses and I believe this passage has been our available lifeline since then.

“Oh magnify the Lord with me and let us exalt His name together. I sought the Lord and He heard me and delivered me from all my fears.”

At the time I was shown that God’s people had been instead magnifying the challenges and fears brought on by the market collapse of August 29, 2008 when the Dow Jones lost 777.7 points and over 1 trillion dollars in one day. We were to now magnify Him- as we were having a hard time seeing Him. As we magnified Him we would be set free from ALL of our fears and enter into radiant hope. This focus led us to understand that to remain in a prevailing state of hope we would have to remain in a state of continually magnifying Him. This in essence remained our focus since then as we were to learn to cultivate hope. This remains as unfinished business for many but the new season will be more conducive to staying in hope.


“Surely you shall call a nation you do not know, And nations who do not know you will run to you, Because of the Lord your God, And the Holy One of Israel, For He has glorified you.”

The 5:55 AM wake-up call is an awakening to Is. 55:5. 555 is also the number of prevailing grace, and the grace of God now flooding into His people is so that we become a nations-minded people. He will now release so much glory on His participating kids that nations will run to us. In essence He is flooding us- so that through us – He might flood the nations with an atmosphere of revival and a mission of reformation. We are the Hope Brigade. This is a focus we must now wake up to in order to access the greater victorious grace.


It is often much easier to discern where we are going by knowing where we have been. We are ending the third 7-year period since 1994 and I was shown key perspectives from each of these.


I was shown that the big event of this 7 year period was the Toronto revival called “the Father’s Blessing” that began at the Toronto Airport Vineyard in January of 1994. I saw it as a huge volcano that sent flying rocks and lava to the whole globe. It appropriately enough began in a church of about 120, as in the book of Acts- and then exploded into every tongue and tribe around the world. I saw that the many secondary outpourings and revivals all came from this one and that they did touch every nation.

One of those secondary revival stations was Brownsville which alone saw over 4 million people touched between 1995-2000. The Toronto Blessing was by far the most important thing to happen on the planet during that 7-year period and everything has changed since that time. It was a volcanic release of the Holy Spirit, hope and joy into the Body of Christ that essentially resurrected the Body of Christ from a great stagnancy.

Appropriately enough over 50,000 pastors who were strongly contemplating quitting were ignited into life by the pouring out of the Holy Spirit. As is customary, the Body of Christ’s wineskin was not prepared for this new wine and so many wineskins and also much wine was wasted. Despite the wastage and loss the positives from that time far outweigh the negatives- and in essence the foundation for the next great move of God was laid at that time. Those who absorbed that move of the Holy Spirit and then kept moving forward are those positioned to carry and lead the new focus of reformation of nations that is now uppermost on the King’s agenda. We have always known He is passionate for souls; we are now to know He has that same passion for nations.

I was shown that many secondary benefits were released into society from the Toronto explosion of the Holy Spirit. Many societal markers were affected as a collateral benefit of the Holy Spirit’s infusion into His willing sons and daughters. Divorces and abortions have dropped dramatically in the 20 years since that volcano of the Holy Spirit, so that where divorces were at 50% they have now dropped to 35%. Abortions have dropped from 1 in every 3 pregnancies to 1 in every 6. Additionally almost all violent crime statistics have dramatically dropped.

Worldwide the extreme poverty rate has been reduced by at least 10% since that time despite the serious economic challenges of the last 7 years. Also since 1994, an estimated minimum of 250 million around the world have become filled with the Holy Spirit and this too is changing everything. For those of you who can remember being under the influence of the Toronto outpouring you will remember that hope and joy were seemingly in the air. There was hope in the air but it was hope-lite which is untested hope. The last 14 years have been much different as hope-lite has been assaulted requiring us to search for hope-hardy.


I was shown that the twin towers terroristic attacks of 9/11 was the significant event of this second 7 year period. This introduced a 7 year focus on the war on terror. This was a natural reality and truth but also a spiritual reality. The enemy countered the 1994-2001 period of grace and hope with an assault on our hope and a release of unprecedented fear. I believe Apollyon himself was spearheading this assault- in part to stem the tide of a great harvest that was taking place around the world in those years- as over 200,000 a day were coming to the Lord.

In the book of Joshua, when he was poised to take the children of Israel into the Promised Land, it was referred to as “the land of the Hittites” in Joshua 1:4. The word Hittites means “fear” or “terror” and in essence the 9/11 attacks represented an invasion by the Hittites during the time period of 2001-2008. New fears were in the air at all times and most of us succumbed to it. We became very shortsighted in our spiritual projections and until this day many of us have been unable shake our inability to project hopeful outcomes for us and for the world. We have remained in “waiting for the other shoe to hit mode” and it has kept us from contending for territory God has granted us and assigned us. Joshua had been told that to take out Hittites he needed to “be very strong and courageous” ; likewise for those who remained strong and courageous there was still great gains to be made and assuredly the kingdom of God kept expanding all over the globe.

The 2001-2008 time period was in effect a media assault. Never has there been a period when the news outlets were more complicit with the principalities over media. To view the news was to be ministered to by demons of fear and despair. Many of us became addicted to negativity during this period and many of us have not yet broken that addiction. 2015 will be the year for that addiction to be broken.


In my book on the 7 Mountain Mantle, I shared about the rise of the Josephs and what our side was to be about during this time period. While 11 brothers would hunker down in the sheep shed, visionary Josephs would be positioned for a time of shining. When I was awakened at 5:55 AM, I was shown what the enemy had been given permission to release. August 29, 2008, when the Dow Jones dropped a record 777.7 in one day, it all coordinated with a major demonic assault upon the nations of the world. I saw multitudes of frogs burping and releasing a dingy greenish-gray mist and haze throughout the whole earth. It was like a smog that covered everything. I was led to look at Rev. 16:13 where it talks about unclean spirits like frogs- that came out of the mouth of the false prophet. This was not that specific release but something of a similar measured release.

I saw that these frogs were releasing anxiety, murmuring and complaining that fed off the fear already in the atmosphere from the previous 7 year season. With this comes finger-pointing and a judgmental spirit which further wars against the needed grace to overcome the fog.

This was yet another 7 year counterattack of the enemy designed to thwart the advances of the expanding kingdom of God. I saw that very spiritual people were some of the most susceptible to this fog as it was from the mouth of “the false prophet” that these frogs came from. I saw that even very prophetic and very spiritual people would process their spirituality through a very negative and distorted grid. It affected intercession, dreams, visions, prophecies and perspectives. Many began to in effect murmur and complain through their “spiritual” senses. Some would call it intercession but it was really just complaining out of fear. Some would call it prophecy, but it was just murmuring against flesh and blood and heightening the fear they felt.

This frog fog was affecting dreams and visions. If the prophets or intercessors didn’t rise above the foggy haze their gift was compromised and they would end up agreeing with and further releasing this dingy greenish-gray myst through declarations that obsessed with demonic conspiracies. This is why hope has become the most valuable commodity on the planet. This dingy haze chokes out the oxygen of hope and disables spiritual vision. We have been under a 14 year demonic assault on hope, that had intensified the last 7 years and then maxed out the last two years.

The Lord permitted this as a test to our hope levels. We wanted the haze removed – but He wanted us rising above the haze where hope-lite becomes hope-hardy and makes not ashamed. That is why we were thrown a Psalm 34:3 lifeline 7 years ago- as it is in the magnifying of God on a constant basis that we climb above the smog and find the “upper room” He has made available for us on planet earth ever since Acts 2.

Those who were able to do this in this last season will now be given greatly expanded spheres of authority and influence. The great test has had a great promotion built into it. Many of us have passed the test with a C- or even a D- but He only wanted us to pass the test. Our hope root systems have had to increase so that we might be the transformational oaks of righteousness we were designed to be.


There will be much more coming as to what to expect in 2015 and beyond, but I was impressed with the revelation that the frogs and their haze are being expelled. A great host of angels has been sent to crush these unclean spirits that have conspired against the hope and joy of God’s most passionate followers. I believe that this is a set, done-deal assignment from heaven – but I also believe their assignment will be expedited by a worshipping people.


I saw winds of worship come in in 2015 and we want to look for them and make sure to have our sails ready to sail with them. We will be taken to new places in His heart as we worship this year. I saw flash mobs of worshippers becoming significant news stories in 2015. I saw a worshipping crowd that as they danced every dance step it crushed a frog and then further accelerated the angels to also stomp them out. He inhabits the praises of His people and this year we will increase our worship and praise to Him. He is making us His habitation on earth and as we target reforming nations we want to stay mindful that He will give the nations to radical worshippers. It will be a worshipping people who will see the nations come running. You will in fact connect your reformation assignment to worship and see it as an extension of that worship. If you have toned down your worship because you are a more “seasoned” believer then this is the year to find and release your child-like worship again. Worship Him with song and dance and worship Him with your 9 to 5 life. You will be rewarded with a new hope-filled place in God’s heart as you do and demons will literally run from you.


In my 2014 Rosh Hashanah word I shared how angels with scrolls are coming and this will continue to increase. The wisdom is coming for how the house of the Lord on planet earth is to be built. Wisdom for how you must advance His destiny in and through you is also in these scrolls. Pay attention as these scrolls will come in many and various forms. Some will be dreams and supernatural encounters and others will seem quite mundane- but be sensitive as the Holy Spirit will remind you that you just received a scroll. Wisdom comes when it is building time and this is where we are at.


I was shown years ago that the archangel of the Mountain of economy or business would be released at Rosh Hashanah 2015. This will be a big deal and is why the wisdom angels are being released ahead of that. All Josephs must carry the wisdom and the wealth but as with Joseph the wisdom comes first. Wisdom is divinely applied knowledge and it trumps every PhD on the planet.

There is almost nothing that excites God more than to be able to prosper us abundantly and He really is going to do that. This is what He does in heaven and He no less so desires to do so on earth. It is a part of His name and nature to do so. He only looks for a hopeful people with His heart for the nations as finances turned inward cause self-destruction. Wealth empowers one’s vision and if your vision is not His then He has to hold back His natural bent of extreme generosity to let your vision come in line with His. He is not interested in funding anymore “Left Behind” type movies. Some measure of truth is encapsulated in that perspective but the overall narrative is a gross distortion of who He is, what He is about, and what time it is.

We are in the spring season of the kingdom age and the quicker we can understand more about what that means, the quicker we can be a prime target for the coming prosperity angels. 2012 marked the beginning of this season and we must shift out of preparation for “end-time scenarios” into arising and shining with His glory. You really can’t do both at the same time. Don’t build a ministry that feeds on fear and apprehension. Build one around reforming and transforming society. Winds of wealth are coming to those who make this shift.


God is going to be so restoring and redeeming our individual stories that it will astonish us. Signs and wonders will increase- but many of these wonders will begin to be how God turned devastating personal stories into beauty and triumph. He will begin to blow us away with how He has orchestrated the details of our lives.

God is telling His great story through us and as we connect to His kingdom narrative (i.e. seek first the kingdom of God) it allows Him to rescue and restore our personal story. If your personal story is a mess and seemingly impossible to make beautiful, give yourself to Him as never before and you will find yourself receiving His winds of wonder that will leave you overwhelmed by His goodness. Everything and everyone who remains in His hands becomes beautiful – in its time. He has promised all who receive Him a great eternal storybook ending of eternal life in heaven but He is also looking to showcase His goodness to us here in the land of the living. As David said, “I would have fainted if I didn’t believe I would see the goodness of God in the land of the living.”


This is one of His personal prophetic words for you in 2015. Look to Is. 61: 7 as inspiration.
“ Instead of your shame, you shall have double honor, and instead of confusion they shall rejoice in their portion. Therefore in their land they shall possess DOUBLE.”

The play on words is this: 2015 will be the year He sends Winds of W (worship, wisdom, wealth and wonder) because He wants to double you (W). There has been a 14 year assignment against your hope and this year you are going to breakthrough into radical, crazy hope. Even as Jacob worked 14 years for Rachel and even as Joseph was processed until his 14th year after receiving his prophetic dreams- so too will you the persevering ones now step into a similar place of breakthrough. This does not mean a life of no challenges- but it does mean a life of greatly satisfying fruitfulness. You will strive less and accomplish more. Less effort will bring about more fruit. Simple obedience will trump leveraging capabilities.You will learn to rest, to worship and to love- and then repeat that cycle. There is nothing else to do. At the end of the day it is all about growing more in love and releasing more of that love. Conditions in 2015 will be optimal for this to happen. Get happy about that.

Johnny Enlow