Things are about to get really, really bad… for Satan and his gang. I mean this very seriously. The heavens are seemingly being emptied of angels (but there are always more) as multitudes and multitudes of powerful warring angels are being released into earth’s atmosphere. These are the serious dread angels that mean business. There is severe panic and anxiety in the enemy camp as I don’t think they have ever seen anything like this. The fear and despair in the enemy’s camp is palpable and there is no drug to take the edge off of it. Something really big is on the horizon and none of it is good for the dark side. If you are on the wrong side of the fear, ask the Lord to allow you to be like Gideon who was allowed in to the Midianite camp and overheard them talking about their own demise thus crushing his own fear. There is a lot of buzz in the enemy’s camp right now and it is all about their own demise. Come on Gideons, get ready to rumble.