Don’t Let the Bad News of the Day Distract You From the Truth of the Season: It is a Time of Favored Destiny

There is a reality that when the kingdom of God on earth accelerates that its’ “collateral damage” can be “bad news”. For media observers trained in extracting and highlighting bad news this can be a time of great undeserved influence. For those of us regularly informed by that media we can be significantly distracted from objective truth by the anecdotal bad facts of the day. Facts can distract from truth.

This is also true in your personal life where the present “bad news” surrounding your realities may be belying a great kingdom good that is happening to you. Your personal “facts” may be distracting you or even deceiving you as to the truth of what is taking place in your life. Your contradiction of circumstances can trouble or distress you if you don’t rise above them and find godly objective perspective.

Here is just a quick example. Presently with the avalanche of reported mass shootings and ISIS motivated attacks, we can believe that we have descended into a much worse day to live in where human life is less valued. We may have a longing to live back in say 1990, when we weren’t hearing every day about terrorism- and ebola, and zika- and racial tensions. “Oh to be back in 1990!”, we might think. Yet in 1990, innocent deaths in the United States for example were almost double what they are today. There were almost 4000 abortions per day- while today it is about 2000 per day (though still, of course, very unacceptable). Almost all violent crime rates were significantly higher. Teen pregnancies were much higher. Raw racism of the heart was much more embedded and society was not even mature enough to have the discussions they are having today. The world extreme poverty rate was about twice as bad as it is today. Where as many as 25,000 Muslims a day are getting saved today, back in 1990 almost no Muslims were coming to Jesus. China, Africa and South America were experiencing less than half the daily conversions as today. I could go on and on. Perhaps you are feeling better about today already.

This present life is filled with so many contradictions that without anointed observation you can be totally disoriented, confused and deceived as to reality. China is exploding in revival and conversions and many positive social changes. 500,000 million Chinese have left abject poverty and are now middle class. That is great news. Furthermore there are now a mind boggling 200 million Chinese millionaires- yes you read that correctly- that are creating game changer realities all across the world with their financial power. Many of them are Christians. But this same China is having 35,000 abortions – a day! About 13 million a year. How horrific. More than ten times worse than us. Chinese piracy and corruption is also having global economic repercussions. How do we judge all these contradictory reports and come out with a working objective truth?

The truth is that the kingdom of God is ferociously advancing all across the planet. There are more people being saved, filled with the Holy Spirit, healed, delivered, encountering grace, exiting extreme poverty, discovering hope- than at any time in history. The kingdom of God is presently rocking the planet. In its’ wake it is upsetting existing power bases and demonic mafias- and as they are collapsing they are violently reacting. This is happening in each of the 7 mountains of society and in the nations themselves. Much like a beheaded chicken exerts its’ maximum “violence” after being beheaded- so too, many things being presently beheaded are showcasing their last violent kicks. It takes discernment to know which “violent kicks” represent present, progressive strength or if they are just the last desperate reactions of that which has been essentially beheaded. Many things we find ourselves afraid of are in fact already beheaded and in its’ death throes. It requires anointed observation to know how to properly sort things out today and it is admittedly not easy.

This same truth applies in your personal life. Be careful not to assess your present life status by whether things are “easy” or not. Don’t judge your own success of life depending on if all of your prophetic promises have seemingly been fulfilled or not. Many of you will look back at this very time in your life and realize that major foundations for your upgraded life in Christ were being formed during these “difficult” days. Don’t be shocked if you are experiencing tests that were not prophesied to you. Don’t be dismayed if the United States experiences challenges you didn’t expect when so many breakthroughs have been prophesied. God rarely tells us of our tests- but loves to tell us of our favor.

You and the USA: “You Have Found Favor with God”

In Luke 1:30, this was the exact phrase that Gabriel gave to Mary, as he told her of the privileged destiny that was hers. She would birth and raise the Redeemer of the world! There could not be anything greater. In verse 28, he actually said to her, “Rejoice HIGHLY favored one, the Lord is with you.” Can you imagine anything better than being visited by Gabriel with such a promise? Yet, lets notice what she was NOT told. She was not told that no one would really believe that she had gotten pregnant by the Holy Spirit. She was not told she would be considered of ill repute for that. She was not told her Son would be an outcast and bitterly resisted by the status quo in society and then brutally beaten and killed while still a young man. She was not told she would have to endure seeing Him die before she did. So much she was not told. Yet she was instructed to “Rejoice” because she had been given a favored destiny. In the light of objective history we easily see today that she did have an amazing favored destiny.

The word for you today, is that if you have stayed loyal to the Lord, you are in the very midst of “favored destiny” being shown you.This you have to see by anointed observation and not by the number or intensity of your trials. You have to see this for yourself and you have to see this for the USA as well. It is the truth for the nations in general as well. The kingdom will never stop increasing- no matter what it looks like in a given day, week or month. Things are simultaneously much worse than you imagined and much better than you imagined. Over 50,000 babies lives are being lost every day through abortion and over 250,000 a day are being born again into the kingdom of God. There is gross darkness and there is great light. Who can determine if that overall outcome equation is good? Well our Father can. He is much more patient than what we can imagine and we need to properly encounter Him as such. Everyday the world deserves absolute judgment and extinction for its sins- but it has for thousands of years. The world also deserves grace and mercy everyday because Jesus came to earth and paid the price He did as an act of reconciliation- so that the world would not perish. In God’s economy “mercy triumphs over judgment” and He wishes us to be as He is.

Right now in your life and right now in this nations’ life, unbelievably giant strides of destiny are being taken. God is going to use very imperfect people to make great kingdom progress. It gives us insight into His greatness that He can do this. He will do this in government- and we will be shocked what He has advanced with less than perfect leaders. We are in an amazing governmental shift right now that will greatly benefit the nation. It will require patience from us to see it come about.

God will also have this same patience and resolve with us individually and advance us in a remarkable way. Your present testing is more precious than gold and it is also temporary. Each test/contradiction has a built-in destiny upgrade available for you. This is the truth you and I must chose to live from and as we do we will find ourselves less shaken by the moments and days of contradiction that we or our nation experience. He that began a good work in us- and in our nation- is going to perfect it. Stay encouraged. Stay in hope. Extended periods of “favored destiny” are here. We are truly in historical days of accelerated kingdom advancement and if you connect to that narrative you will find an amazing increase of love, peace and joy in your life.