So on April 4 (4/4) there was a Blood Moon eclipse that lasted 4:44 (in minutes and seconds). That morning I was speaking at 444 Escondido Place in the San Diego area. Later in the day #44 Frank Kaminsky of Wisconsin led his team to an upset win over the favored and previously undefeated Kentucky Wildcats. (It was his 22nd birthday as well). His team wore red and came out wearing shirts that said “Make Em Believe”. I just kind of felt spiritual synchronicity all around and believe we have entered into a season of Psalms 44:4 where through God we have victories ordained for us and a season of Ezekiel 44:4 where the glory of the Lord is about to come in so strong it is going to be hard to stand up. Forget about the idea of the Blood Moons portending to any devastating reality for anybody else other than the devil and his dudes. The Blood Moons mean that we have accelerated into a season where the Blood of Jesus is going to begin to impose as never before as the kingdom age kicks into another gear. He is going to keep pouring out grace…until He has made us believe this is true.